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Customized to Fit Your Needs

Only Protect America will help you customize your security package to fit your needs. Click on the blue dots to see all that we can protect, it’s your choice!


Motion Detectors

Our Motion Detectors use both heat and movement to detect intruders when your alarm system is armed. They are very useful in case someone does enter your home. Therefore, a motion detector is best placed in a heavy traffic area of your home.


GE Simon XT Touch Screen

A touch screen acts as an optional point of access for your home security system. The GE Simon XT Touch Screen features one-touch arming and disarming, soothing voice feedback, and an emergency response signal.


Glass Break Sensor

This sensor is specially designed using pattern recognition technology to detect the sound of breaking glass within a 20-foot radius. Use this sensor around easily accessible windows or glass doors that could be shattered to gain entry into your home.


The GE Simon XT

The control panel is the 'brains' of your home security system. And with the GE Simon XT, you get a full-featured home security platform that combines the best of home security with ease of use. Arming, emergency response, and status updates are all just one button press away. And with its robust programming system, the Simon XT allows you to upgrade and create an alarm system that fits your needs. Protecting your home and family couldn't be easier than with the GE Simon XT control panel.


Window Sensors

Window sensors are the most common piece of home security equipment and the front line defense for your home. A surprisingly simple device, door/window sensors create a magnetic field that, when broken, sends a signal to your central GE Simon XT control panel and sounds the alarm. Protect America only uses wireless sensors that can be used on either doors or windows, allowing for greater system customization. For most homes, we recommend one sensor for every accessible door and window.


Smoke Detector

Protect your home and family from fire by adding monitored smoke detectors to your security system. Monitored smoke detectors can identity smoke or rapidly rising temperatures 24 hours a day whether you're home or not. Even if your security system is disarmed, our monitoring facility notifies your local fire department if there is a fire.


Home Security Sign

Deter burglars from targeting your home with this warning sign that prominently displays that your house is secured with a home alarm system.


Keychain Remote Control

With the keychain remote control, you can enjoy the convenience of turning off your system as you pull into the driveway. You can also send a panic signal from anywhere inside your home allowing you to notify authorities.


GPS Vehicle Tracking

Protect America allows you to instantly locate and follow your car with real-time GPS vehicle tracking. Easily keep a "virtual eye" on your vehicle through an intuitive web interface. Get customizable alerts via email or text if your teenager is speeding or if they are going to places they shouldn't.


Garage Door Sensors

This sensor protects against entry though the biggest door in your house. By detecting the tilt of an overhead door, this sensor can alert your alarm system if your garage is opened while armed.


Interactive Video Cameras

With our interactive video home security services, we bring you easy to use, high-quality video security. So you can easily check in at home anytime of day and from anywhere. Getting a cup of joe? Easy, log in with your laptop and view your cameras. On vacation? No problem, just use your smartphone to make sure everything is okay. With video home security, checking in at home is just a click away.


Control Your Security from Anywhere in the World.

Choose our cellular or broadband monitoring and your account comes with FREE interactive features. Arm your system and program rules to fit your needs anywhere, anytime through your computer or smart phone.

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    Security System ControlUse your smartphone to arm, disarm, and view the status of your alarm system easily in real time.

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    Live VideoKeep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world with live video. (Video Service Required)

What ADT Won't Say Speaks Volumes!


ADT Changes Your Monthly Rate (After One Year)

Protect America keeps your monitoring rate the same for the entirety of your contract. With ADT, they can increase your monthly monitoring rate every year after the first year! It's hidden in their ‘Terms and Conditions.’

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Repairs with ADT will Cost You

If your system malfunctions with ADT, they will charge you for the replacement of parts which can cost hundreds of dollars. With Protect America, if any part of your system breaks, we replace it. With our Lifetime Replacement Parts warranty, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and sound.

ADT Charges for Moving

If you have service with ADT, it could cost you hundreds of dollars when you move. Home security companies that sell wired security systems often require additional fees for relocation. A benefit of a Protect America wireless home security system is that you can transfer your system and your service to your new home for free!

ADT Won't Give You a Quote Over the Phone

If you want to know the cost of an ADT system, you’ll have to wait for a technician come to your home. At Protect America, our home security experts are standing by to take your call. Protect America will give you a free home security analysis over the phone in minutes. Call Protect America today!

Price Comparison for our Copper Package vs. ADT

  Equipment Price Landline Monitoring Broadband Monitoring Cellular Monitoring Lifetime Warranty Contract Term
Protect America FREE $19.99 per month $37.99 per month $41.99 per month FREE 36 Months
ADT $349Install $42.99 per month Not
$50.99per month $6.00 per month 36 Months

* Information used for home security alarm system comparisons was obtained September 2012 through telephone and online research. ADT prices: based on total out-of-pocket expense to obtain services; installation based on fees for similar home security equipment packages; "Monitoring" price listed includes the additional "warranty" or "extended service plan".

Explore the Simon XT Touchscreen Features:

An ideal solution for more flexible system control, the Simon XT Touch Screen includes one-touch arming and disarming, panic alarm, and a vibrant 3.5 inch LCD screen. The Simon XT Touch Screen from GE will simplify the use of your security system while maintaining the highest standards of protection for your home and family. Click the "+" Icons on the Simon XT Touchscreen to Learn More


Built-In Digital Voice Commands

Convenient voice functionality warns users when the system has been activated or deactivated. The reassuring voice features of the Simon XT Touch Screen can also warn homeowners whenever a door or window opens.


Door & Window Supervision

Open doors and windows attract burglars, even when you and your family are home. A green checkmark on the touch screen reassures homeowners that all monitored doors and windows into the home are closed and secured. When users see a red exclamation mark, they know an entry point is unsecure. Nothing could be easier!


3.5-inch Color LCD Screen

The vibrant display of the GE Simon XT Touch Screen makes using your Simon XT home security system easier than ever before. The Simon XT Touch Screen is bright but designed to be energy efficient and plugs into a standard 110 Volt electrical outlets. In case of emergency, the Simon XT Touch Screen can also be use four AAA batteries.


One-Button Arming/Disarming

Using your Simon XT home security system is as easy as pushing a button. This feature activates or deactivates all sensors associated with your alarm system. The easy-to-understand graphical interface clearly displays when the system is armed.


Simple Status Updates

With a quick glance, accurately gauge your home's security status. The easy-to-use graphical interface helps users keep tabs on open entry points and system diagnostics. The Simon XT Touch Screen also tells homeowners whether the system is active or not.


GE Security Equipment

All of our systems feature GE Security Certified products. This means that you get the reliability and flexibility known throughout the security industry for GE alarm systems. And with the GE Touchscreen, the system comes pre-built to work perfectly and conjunction with your Simon XT Control Panel


24-Hour Emergency Panic Button

The Simon XT Touch Screen includes a distress signal that can be sent with the single push of button. This feature is intended for use during non-medical emergencies.


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* Standard home security alarm monitoring agreement required with approved credit. Offer subject to change. Offer valid for new customers only. Void where prohibited. Offer Expires: 04/30/2017

* Information used for home security alarm system comparisons was obtained November 2011 through telephone and online research. ADT prices: based on total out-of-pocket expense to obtain services; installation based on fees for similar home security equipment packages; "Monitoring" price listed includes the additional "warranty" or "extended service plan".