Automation for Alzheimer’s: How New Technology can Help Family Members with Dementia

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Top Five Alternate Uses for Motion Sensor Lights

You’re standing in line at the restaurant ready to place an order for your favorite tacos, and suddenly, your phone starts buzzing. Notifications of your home security sensors are going off. They’re alerting you that one of your kids vehicles has arrived in the driveway, and another sensor begins to inform you that someone is opening [...]

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Burglary Stats: Investigating the FBI’S 2015 Uniform Crime Report

In 1929 the International Association of Chiefs of Police realized they needed a dependable collection of crime stats. In 1930 the FBI took the responsibility of collecting, publishing, and archiving all of the stats collected. This pairing established what has become known as the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. These reports compile official data on crime [...]

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Arlo Pro Camera Review: Pro not Perfect

Netgear’s Arlo Pro calls itself the world’s most advanced 100% wire-free, HD and weatherproof smart home security camera. This second model of the Arlo is the first weather-proof, outdoor, do-it-yourself camera on the market. Netgear followed up from their original Arlo product just days ago, when they released this product on Oct. 11.  The Pro doesn’t [...]

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Installing the Protect America Disaster Sensor

A natural disaster is devastating and costly. Regardless of where you’re located in the country, there’s always a possibility; whether it’s hurricane, flood, tornado, or earthquake. The Protect America Disaster Sensor is a three in one approach that gives families a heads up on what sort of natural events could be coming their way. Detection [...]

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5 People Caught by Outdoor Security Cameras

Everybody ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time every now and then. Maybe the poor timing causes a shopping cart crash at the store, or maybe you accidentally walk into some water sprinklers. But some people’s poor timing means they end up being caught on camera — and thanks to modern technology — the internet. [...]

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Setting Up Guest Codes for Your Protect America System

Every Tuesday the dog sitter stops by your home to pick up the pooches and take them for a stroll through the neighborhood. On Wednesday’s your oldest son gets home from basketball practice before you do. And on Saturday you have a pair of house keepers that stop by while you’re away. These are examples [...]

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Track Your Property: How to Create an Inventory of Your Valuables

The entrance is decorated with a clock that has been passed down for generations. The kitchen has a historic set of tupperware from the presidency of Harry Truman, though they’re rarely used. Inside the bedroom lies favorite jewelry of the Mrs., and a collection of baseball cards that the Mr. has had since he was [...]

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The Definitive Guide to Downtown Parking

The downtown skyline is beckoning you forward. The city is buzzing. Maybe you’re a local. Maybe you’re in town for business and want to see the nightlife. Or maybe you’re heading to a big ball game. Whatever the case may be, heading into a downtown city centre is always fun, but it’s accompanied by some [...]

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6 Out of the Box Uses for Lock Boxes

A lock box comes in a few different forms — it may be the small padlock key holder you’ve placed on a front door, or one of the various types of larger boxes that holds objects and securely locks them. These lock box tools are a useful item to have around the home and can secure many [...]

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Changing the Time Zone on Your Simon XT Panel

Whether you just received your Protect America home security system and are in the midst of self-installing, faced a power outage, or daylight savings sneaked up on you — there may be a few instances where you need to change the date, time, or time zone. Adjusting these settings on a Simon panel is simple, and there [...]

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