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How to Protect the Home During Construction

Building or remodeling an existing home is an exciting process. Families have the opportunity to create a home from scratch to fit their specific needs and wants, or they’re able to make much needed upgrades to their homes.  In a previous article we explored the pros and cons of leaving or staying during a renovation. [...]

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How to Properly Test and Install a Smoke Alarm

*RING* *RING* *RING* “Jeez!,” Jake mutters. He’s in the middle of cooking a delicious creme brule and his smoke alarm is howling to alert him of smoke in the kitchen. Jake heads to the laundry room to grab a stool, sets it down in the kitchen, and stands on it to turn off the smoke [...]

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The Definitive Guide to the Care and the Feeding of a Smoke Detector

The risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half in homes that have working smoke alarms, says FEMA. And according to the organization, three out of five deaths result from fires in properties without working smoke alarms. They go on to say that one-third (38%) of home fire deaths result from fires [...]

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Crash Course: The Most Dangerous Places in the Home

When most of us hear the word “home” the word association centers in our brains think of certain words: comfort, peace, food, shelter, safety, family—or maybe even some thoughts of pasta, pierogies, cookies, puzzles, or other favorite meals and activities that take place at home. We don’t usually consider the negatives of home, but the [...]

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Watch for Waste: Tips for Efficiently Using Water

Our most precious resource on earth isn’t renewable. The average human body has 50-65% of this resource. Humans can live up to three weeks without food, but they can only last three days without this resource — water. And many of us use it like it will last forever. On average an American resident uses [...]

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Efficient Energy: How to Save Money in Your Home

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and spring time is in the air. The spring season will transition to summer in a few months and warm weather will be here to stay. The summer months usually mean more exercise—or more dirty clothes, plus some needed air and cooling off. Anyone who pays a monthly energy [...]

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What The Stats Say About Smoke Alarms Saving Lives

It’s late into the evening and Tom is tucked into bed. The blankets wrapped around him have formed a cocoon, and there’s no sign of him moving or waking up until the next morning. He closes his eyes and falls asleep. Within hours, a small flame from a candle left in the bathroom catches the [...]

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The Only Checklist You’ll Need to Prepare for Disaster

A disaster can strike in the blink of an eye. When disasters occur people can lose access to food and water. Severe weather events are the most likely culprits, including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, blizzards, and wildfires. Different parts of the country are prone to their own unique natural events. In Florida, a hurricane may leave [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Toddlers from Dangerous Hazards in the Home

When every human enters the world we each have a clean slate. We don’t know anything, everything is new and exciting, and we haven’t gathered the life-lessons to understand the repercussions of a mistake. This is the beauty of being a toddler. The world is a wonderland to explore. That exploration leaves a lot of [...]

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The All-Encompassing Dictionary of Home Security

As long as humans have been around, systems to protect self, family, and belongings have been necessary. The peace of mind of knowing that you are safe and secure is not unique to modern life—though modern life may present new challenges, and especially new technologies that keep you safe. The modern consumer frequently hears terms [...]

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