How to Avoid Door-to-Door Scams

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9 Bumbling Burglars Caught on CCTV

Burglars aren’t always the brightest of the bunch. Now that CCTVs are prevalent in businesses and even some homes and neighborhoods, many of their ridiculous tactics and exploits are caught on camera. Beyond the obvious benefit of being able to use the footage to help police identify the burglar, these videos also provide some comedic [...]

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Inside Protect America’s Low Price Match Guarantee

Home security should never cost an arm and a leg. Protecting yourself, family, and valuables should be a manageable venture for people of all walks of life, and stress should never be attached to a product that is meant to provide peace of mind. This is why Protect America is confident that our current Bronze, [...]

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10 Surprising Ideas for Home Security Cameras

There isn’t a greater peace of mind for your home and valuables than installing home security equipment. Now that you can rest assured that all your valuables are protected, it’s time to move on to the more lighthearted and exciting side of home security — all the surprising uses of cameras. Home security cameras have some [...]

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Alexa and the Future of Home Security

Everyone knows Siri, the Apple smartphone voice operator that hears your requests and questions, and responds accordingly to your needs. But who’s Alexa? Alexa is the smart home equivalent to Siri. She’s powered on the Amazon Echo system and allows customers to interact with an automated smart home in unprecedented ways. What’s even more incredible [...]

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What’s the Future of Smart Thermostats?

Thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things), a lot of technology we used to see in science fiction literature is beginning to come to life. IoT — alongside a major push for home automation — has allowed homeowners to control much of their house via smartphone applications. Everything from door locks, garages, fans, cooking appliances, to one [...]

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Swann Home Security: Opt for More Known

Every company has a unique backstory. For Swann Home Security, they started in founder David Swann’s basement in Melbourne, Australia. After being founded in 1987 the company has grown to have offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, and China. They’re now in over 40 countries and six different continents. Swann is [...]

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The Best Home Security Practices for Parents

Being a parent has never been an easy task. Though the modern age has added some complexity—it’s also given parents valuable tools to make their lives easier. Whether you are a parent of young children, a parent of a newborn, or a single parent working hard to support your kids, there’s certainly a home security [...]

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The 5 Coolest Home Control Systems You’ve Never Heard Of

Sometimes it seems like just a handful of companies dominate the home control market, keeping all the attention to themselves. But there are many, many options out there; they just might not be as loud on TV or other traditional advertising platforms. Here are 5 systems that are really doing something different to try to [...]

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7 of the Most Expensive Items Ever Stolen

A well executed heist is difficult to complete. Oftentimes theft is committed by a burglar who’s found an open door or window, or who just uses brute force to enter an establishment, but heists of high-scale items are difficult to pull off. Theft is costly for whoever is victim. The costs not only include damage to [...]

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7 of the Most Famous Thieves in History

Disclaimer: Protect America does not condone any thievery or re-enactment of historic thievery. Thieves have been reeking havoc on people for ages. Homeowners and businesses aren’t the only ones susceptible to being stolen from—museums, art galleries, trains, and any other structure with valuable goods is open territory for a thief. There’s many been many famous [...]

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