What are the Odds of Your Burglary Being Solved?

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6 Famous Houses with Incredible Home Security Technology

With advancements in home automation and the internet of things technologies, many futuristic, tech-savvy homes have emerged. Some of these homes feature helipads, bullet resistant doors, windows and amenities, and of course, panic rooms. Others have taken their security features underground to bunkers. This home tech is advancing rapidly, and there are incredible homes out there. We [...]

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Five Celebrities Who Have the Best Home Surveillance Systems

Everything’s bigger in Hollywood, including the home security devices. The rich and famous need home security just as much as everyone else, and some of them go to great lengths to make sure their homes are impenetrable to protect themselves and their families. According to CNN, Aaron Cohen, a former member of the Israeli Counter [...]

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Four Homes that Could Use Another Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are the easiest and most efficient way to ensure safety in the home from a fire or smoke hazard. Almost half of all fires occur in homes that lack working smoke alarms. They cost as little as $6, though high-end alarms can cost up to $100. The truth is, everybody needs a smoke [...]

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2016 Cyber Monday Home Security Deals: the good, the bad, and the ugly

The most popular day in online shopping is approaching — Cyber Monday. Holiday deals are flooding the web for the next month and a half until Christmas, starting with today’s Black Friday and Monday’s Cyber Monday. Customers will be flocking to web pages across the internet to get steals from the comfort of their own [...]

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2016 Black Friday Home Security Deals: the good, the bad, and the ugly

The holidays are upon us. Deals abound for the next month and a half until Christmas, starting with the token day that takes place following Thanksgiving, Black Friday. For some, Black Friday is a day for the family to venture out and enjoy some late-night, early-morning shopping, sometimes finding some truly unique steals. For others, Black [...]

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Installing Recessed Door Sensors for Your Protect America System

Sensors are the most common piece of home security equipment, and door sensors are one of the most important. In nearly 24% of burglaries, forced entry was used on the front door to gain access to the home. In total more than a third of all burglaries involve the front door, and 75% of all [...]

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4 Reasons Fake Security Cameras Won’t Cut It

In recent years the home security space has gotten rather crowded. You might have looked at all your options, felt a little intimidated by the amount of choices and started to think that maybe opting for fake security cameras in an effort to avoid the process is a good idea. Fake security cameras or a [...]

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Lowering the Volume on Your Protect America Control Panel

If you’ve ever been startled by the beeps or voice of your Protect America system, or your sound is coming in more quietly than you’d like, this guide is for you. Both our Simon XT and XTi model volumes can be changed directly from the panel. The only thing that can’t be changed is the [...]

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Five Movies Whose Plots Would Have Been Different With Video Surveillance Systems

Everyone knows the feeling of sitting in a movie theater hoping that a character in a film will make a different move, take a different route, or think ahead of a certain situation. Sometimes we’ll leave the theater as viewers with “what-if’s,” or “imagine if” scenarios that would alter the plot of the film we [...]

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New SimpliSafe Camera Introduced, but How Does it Perform?

If you’re a home security system, you can’t fully protect a home unless cameras are a part of your product offering.  For the majority of its time as a brand, that was the case with SimpliSafe. The company operated as DIY home security setup, equipped with monitored service, but lacking cameras to do one of the [...]

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