Avoid the Noise: How to Prevent False Smoke Alarms

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The Best Fences for Home Security

Burglars sometimes target homes that have ample forms of covering, including; shrubs, walls, privacy and traditional fences — all items that most homeowners assume are there for their protection. This happens because many burglars strike during the daytime, so these criminals look for opportunities to conceal themselves and hide while committing their act. Fences that are too [...]

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What is the CDMA Module? What does it do for Home Security?

You’re sitting behind your desk at the office and in between receiving emails, text messages, and updates about your DVR schedule, you’ve received a push notification from your home security device alerting you that the garage was left open. These multiple communications that are all coming to your smartphone are being sent via radio systems used in [...]

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5 Smart House Innovations Coming in 2017

The last few years have put the pedal to metal for smart home technology. DIY home security and home automation products have taken over the sphere of in-house technology. With the Internet of Things (IoT) and newer waves of technology, these tools are only going to ramp up and become even more connected, practical, and [...]

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SmartThings Motion Sensor Review

In a previous review we looked at the Samsung SmartThings home security and automation hub. SmartThings was a successfully funded KickStarter campaign before being acquired by Samsung. They continue to operate as a brand, but via Samsung’s Open Innovation Center. SmartThings is basically an IoT command center to connect all of the many devices that aid [...]

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An Incredibly Unboring History of IP Cameras

In 1996 a Swedish network camera manufacturer named Axis Communications launched the Neteye 200, a product that would revolutionize the industry and propel video surveillance from analog to digital. This first centralized IP (Internet Protocol) camera was developed by the team of Martin Gren and Carl-Axel Alm.  The Neteye 200 was initially used to monitor the sea [...]

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The Definitive Collection of Protect America Manuals

One of the biggest appeals of Protect America and other modern home security systems is the DIY (do-it-yourself) capability that allows customers to place their systems at their own convenience and choose where equipment is in the home. This is a much different approach from old fashion home security that required a team of installers [...]

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Pack that Kit: A Guide to Being Prepared During Emergency

Popular media dramatizes emergency situations. Fictional characters always seem to find the survival items they need without much resistance, and they survive catastrophic natural disasters with little planning or foresight. The characters always find a way to come out on top against mother nature. These depictions in media are exciting and they make for great [...]

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FAQ: Can I Change the Voice and Volume on My Simon Panel?

The Simon XT and XTi Panel comes with a female voice that addresses you with status updates and alerts. While some people like and even require this feature, it’s not for everyone. Unfortunately, there are no other voice options that allow you to change the pitch or accent of the Simon XT’s voice. However, it [...]

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Bluetooth Padlocks, What are my Options?

After a long day of work you’ve stormed into your house and jumped into your bed. You’re exhausted. You get comfortable and ready to call it a night, but it dawns on you — you’ve forgotten to lock the front door. Fortunately, with Bluetooth and home automated door locks, you don’t have to leave the [...]

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4 Alternate Uses of Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras are impressive pieces of technology. While their primary function might be to collect evidence for any burglaries or break-ins that happen at nighttime or under low light, there are actually quite a few uses for night vision cameras if you approach it with the right mindset. Here are some examples that will make [...]

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