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How to Train a Dog to Aid Home Protection

We’ve all seen movies or videos on the internet where a dog acts as the sole protector of the home and its owners. These dogs are vicious, loyal, and tenacious. Similar animals work in real-life jobs for military, police, and other law enforcement agencies across the globe. Many people believe these animals are a good [...]

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Why Home Protection Dogs Are Helpful

Canine companions are some of the most versatile animals on the planet. Their use extends far from simply being a source of entertainment and friendship. Dogs are: helpers, hunters, therapy aids, assistants for those with hearing, vision, or mobility issues. Dogs are even sent with military and police to work by their side. It’s no [...]

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Why Dogs Fail at Home Security

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but they aren’t man’s best home security option. Though your furry friends keep you company and put up a good front of being tough and full of defensive application with all of their barking and howling, they notoriously fail as tools for home security. When it comes to protecting [...]

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How to Reset a Password on the Protect America App

Our Protect America smartphone application lets customers control their home from wherever they are with the click of a button. The live-stream capabilities give customers an inside look at their home at all times, and with our IFTTT (If this then that technology) you can set up “Scenes” which allows you to program your application [...]

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Do Tiny Houses Have Home Security?

Tiny houses have been all the craze as of late. Who doesn’t want to live without house payments, in a house that’s movable, and oftentimes just as comfy and spacious? These tiny houses have allowed many people to live lives centered around travel and an ultra-form of practicality. But there’s two sides to every coin. [...]

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An Inside Look: From the Eyelids of a Burglar

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and spring is in the air. It’s 7:50 a.m. and you know that the hours from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. are the best time for you to go about your work. Since it’s spring, it’s even more likely that families will be out and about in the city. [...]

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What Country Has the Highest Burglary Rate?

Every traveler will tell you that humans are similar no matter the location. The scenery may change, but humans have the same needs and wants. This means that anywhere humans are, so is crime. Like we’ve talked about in previous blog posts, security, safety, and peace of mind are universal traits that everyone longs for, [...]

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How Does Home Security Look in Other Countries?

Basic human needs aren’t limited by location. No matter what part of the world you live in, food, shelter, safety, and peace of mind are what every human seeks. It’s part of our biology. Home security is the most effective way to gain safety for belongings and family, and it’s accompanied by peace of mind. [...]

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Five Famous Break-Ins That Weren’t Houses

While homeowners are finding the right equipment and personalized setup to safeguard their unique situations, other places of business and properties are just as vulnerable to break-ins. Many people think of homes whenever they think of break-ins, but other locations are just as vulnerable to falling victim. We’ve compiled a list of five famous break-ins [...]

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A Look at D-Link Omna, the First Camera Compatible with Apple’s HomeKit

The D-Link Omna is the first camera to integrate with Apple’s smart home platform, HomeKit. The gray, silver device is tall and shaped like a cylinder, about the size of an energy drink can. The shape of the camera lens and design surrounding it look like an eye.  It’s a bit of a surprise that this [...]

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