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AT&T Digital Life Reviews of Home Automation in Consumer Reports

April 30th, 2013

Telecommunications conglomerate AT&T launched its new home automation service, known as Digital Life, on April 26th, 2013. AT&T Digital Life reviews tell the truth about the home security service. Originally slated for a March release, Digital Life was pushed back so that AT&T could expand the market launch. With the release today, consumers are getting the first real look at AT&T’s offerings and how they compare to the larger industry. Unfortunately, independent reviews are still wanting.

Consumer Reports Home Automation and ATT Digital Life Reviews

Consumer Reports is one of the most trusted names in the world of product reviews. Since 1936, Consumer Reports has independently reviewed a variety of consumer products, from cars to everyday household appliances. A ‘buy’ recommendation from Consumer Reports has a positive impact on sales, which makes the publication a particular target for ambitious companies seeking to ensure a successful product launch.

Unfortunately for consumers, the venerated publication DOES NOT review products in the home security and home automation fields. The inherent nature of these products doesn’t quite fit within Consumer Reports selection criteria. To put it another way, products in the home automation and security industries are heavily dependent on the associated support services. Some home automation services will perform differently, even when using the same equipment. As a result, Consumer Reports avoids reviews of home automation service because they are not based on the quality of the product being used.

AT&T Digital Life Review of  Cost and Features

Like many home automation services, Digital Life is split into a variety of packages. At the most basic level, there are two packages and customers have the option of upgrading from there.

AT&T Digital Life Simple Security Package

Customers can get this package for a one-time fee of $149.99, which includes equipment and installation cost. This package includes broadband Internet monitoring that starts at $29.99 a month. It should be noted that customers that choose this option will not be able to add the home automation features associated with Digital Life. This package is simply a home security system. Each Simply Security package includes a 24-hour battery backup, a wireless keypad, sensors, an indoor siren, a keychain remote.

AT&T Digital Life Smart Security Package

Anyone looking to take advantage of the home automation features of AT&T Digital Life will have to choose this option. Installation and equipment are covered in a one-time $249.99 fee. After that, monitoring starts at $39.99 per month with additional equipment and monitoring fees for upgrades like cameras, interactive thermostats, and remote controlled locks. The Smart Security package includes the features of the Simple Security package but also includes a choice of three of the following: carbon monoxide sensor, motion sensor, glass break sensor, smoke detector.

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Add Ons to AT&T Digital Life Smart Security Package

  • Camera Package: $9.99 per month additional monitoring fee plus equipment and installation cost. Offers interactive live video you can monitor from almost anywhere.
  • Energy Package: $9.99 per month additional monitoring fee plus equipment and installation cost. Controls appliances, lighting, and your thermostat.
  • Door Package: $4.99 per month additional monitoring fee plus equipment and installation cost. Remote controlled door locks you control from your computer, smartphone, or keychain remote.
  • Water Detection Package: $4.99 per month additional monitoring fee plus equipment and installation cost. Alerts users whenever water is detected to be leaking from plumbing , flooding, or otherwise.
  • Water Control Package: $9.99 per month additional monitoring fee plus equipment and installation cost. This feature can detect water leaks and shut off your home’s water main to minimize damage.

Complete ATT Digital Life review pricing information can be found by clicking here!

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