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Do You Have Enough Home Security Equipment for Your Home?

June 23rd, 2017

Every home is different. There is no one-size fits all home security package that will cover the needs for everyone. This happens because each of our homes have different variables. We may have more rooms. We may have more windows. We may live in neighborhoods that are more dangerous. Or we may care less about covering anything other than central points.

Home security systems cover the home using a few main components; sensors and cameras which monitor movement through sensing and seeing, and a central hub, which receives all of the information that the sensors and cameras find. There are many sensors available for homeowners that cover other needs in the home.

Deciding How Many Cameras You Need

When a security package is built, you’ll be signing up for a specified number of cameras, but additional can be purchased if needing.

The most important places to set up cameras are points of entry, because 34% of burglaries happen at the front door. Once the front door is set up, homeowners should place cameras at the back door, side doors, garage, and backyard. Every point of entry on the bottom floor of the home should be protected.

Pointing cameras toward the backyard and driveway leading up to the garage and front yard is a good strategy, because burglars will often use areas of darkness or low-light to hide. Once you’ve covered the basic locations for cameras, add more units where you see fit. This includes: upstairs patios, windows, and you can even place cameras in pantries or other areas of the home where you want to deter family members from accessing.

Deciding How Many Sensors You Need

Similar to cameras, sensors should be placed on every door and window in the home, beginning with entry and exit points. If anyone is moving in and out of the house, even family members, your sensors should be alerting you. Once you’ve covered entry points, move on to other places of the home, including pantries or areas where you don’t want family members to gain access.

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Different types of sensors are available for homeowners to protect homes. These include weather and flood sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, and more. Some sensors will have designated locations that home security experts can help you with. For smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, these devices should be placed on every floor of the home and outside of each sleeping area.

Glass break sensors—which alert a homeowner if a window in the home is broken—should be placed on every window, or every window on the bottom floor and back side of the home. Burglars will target windows that are hidden from view on the backside of a house, even if they are on the second floor.

Consult with an Expert for Assistance

If you’re a Protect America customer, or curious about purchasing home security, our home security specialists will walk you through your home to determine how many cameras and sensors you need.

Once the proper amount has been determined, you and your family will be on their way to a secure home, and peace of mind.

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