What Are the Benefits of DIY Home Security?

June 28th, 2017

If you’ve started research to look for a home security provider, you’ve seen a few different options. The most prominent are stand-alone security cameras. These are cameras that work and connect with smart home hubs. Stand-alone cameras may be accompanied by sensors, and they receive push alert notifications to inform users of movement in their homes.

These stand-alone cameras are touted as DIY home security, but do they actually meet the DIY criteria? And what exactly is DIY security?

DIY is the acronym for “do-it-yourself.” These are home security units that are set up and installed by users themselves. The only problem with many modern DIY systems is that they often fall short of home security. These options frequently only send users push alert notifications, and there is not connection with a professional monitoring station. Security is up to a user reacting to push alerts.

An advantage of DIY systems is removing the middleman of an installer. Users don’t need installers to place wires and holes in the home. With Protect America, users have the best of both worlds—DIY home security and and monitored service.

DIY Further Explained

A common reason many homeowners opt away from home security is because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of installers and equipment that will tear holes in their walls and have to be placed with wires. This often an inconvenience for homeowners.

These systems make it hard for homeowners to set up their units, and they’re often stuck taking entire days off of work to cater to the security installer that is visiting their house to set up equipment.

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The other trouble is that once homeowners move, they have to undo all of the wires and go through the same process of reinstalling whenever they arrive at their new home. All of this is eliminated with DIY home security. Both moving and installation become easy and convenient.

Security in Your Hands

A do-it-yourself system places security in your hands. You get to choose where to place equipment, and you move equipment with you as you move. We’ve demonstrated this here, in a highlight of the Protect America moving kit. 

The best part of DIY home security, is that unlike most DIY options on the market that claim to be home security, Protect America actually is. We are monitored security.

Our security systems are connected to a central monitoring station. This means if an event ever occurs in your home, real-life police and emergency officials will respond, unlike unmonitored systems where response depends on you receiving and reacting to push alert notifications. And users will have the benefit of other important sensors in the home, including: carbon monoxide, smoke, weather, and life-alert devices for older adults.

If you have more questions or interest in how a DIY home security system works, and what the differences are between monitored and unmonitored home security are, you can speak to our security experts. They are happy to help, and get you started with a Protect America device.

Thinking about home security? With a property crime occurring every 3.7 seconds, its important to know that you are 33% less likely to be broken into with a home security system. We provide monitored security at lowest price in the industry, $19.99/mo, and up to $1,400 in free equipment. Get Started Now
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