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Automated Lighting for Your Home

July 23rd, 2012

Installing automated lighting in your home can be a cheap and effective addition to the security of any home. Customers have a range of options when choosing automated lighting for their home. While hardwired options allow for enhanced remote access control, automated lighting accessories can be cheaper and just as effective.

Home Automated Lighting

Automated lighting has a variety of uses for the average home. One of the best uses of a automation lighting system is to improve home security. Increased visibility and random timing sequences deter burglars from attacking a particular home. Studies have routinely shown that burglars are more likely to target homes that appear empty and have poor lighting. Home automation systems can also decrease energy consumption by turning off lights when they’re not in use.

Hardwired automated lights function differently than automated lighting models that plug in directly to lamps. A hardwired automation system is generally offered by a telecommunications provider and must be installed by a professional. These setups can be cost prohibitive as installation and activation fees are required in addition to a monthly service charge. Plug in home automation lighting can be substantially more affordable while achieving the same results as a hardwired unit. Customers simply plug a lamp directly into the home automation unit and installation is complete.

Best Automated Lighting Systems

The right home automation system will largely depend on the specific needs of a particular household and customer. Home automation accessories offered by Protect America, for example, are affordable and don’t require wires for operation. These units primarily use automated timers for operation, meaning that customers create their own lighting sequences based on whatever times they want lights to be on or off.

Hardwired home automation systems offer a greater amount of control compared to timed lighting accessories. A home with a hardwired automated lighting system allows customers to control their lights remotely from almost any computer or smartphone. These systems can be incredibly expensive for users as the services are typically offered only by cable and telecommunications providers.

Automated Lighting Reviews

Before choosing an automated home lighting system, customers need to be aware of the available reviews. Many complain that hardwired automated lighting systems are expensive compared to the relative value offered. Another common issue is that hardwired automated systems are difficult to operate. Customers that choose a home automation lighting option from Protect America are often happy with their service, especially the lower cost and ease of use.

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