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Best Video Security Systems Reviews: Consumer Reports

February 7th, 2013

Video security systems are networks of cameras that monitor a given area. Most commercially available video surveillance systems are offered by home security companies though a few unsupported versions are available from hardware manufacturers. It’s important to remember that trusted products reviewer Consumer Reports doesn’t actually review homes security related products because they typically require support for maximum functionality. Read more about best consumer reports reviews the best security video systems.

Consumer Reports: Best Video Security Systems

Reliable products outlet Consumer Reports doesn’t offer reviews for video security systems. This includes products sold by home security companies and hardware manufacturers. Reviews of video surveillance systems from tech makers are widely available through CNET and similarly focused publications. Customers can find reviews of home security companies on third-party websites, like Top Consumer Reviews and Consumers Digest.

Video Security System Installation and Function

Best Video Security SystemBest Video Security System Reviews Consumer Reports. Like most home security equipment, video surveillance systems can be found with a variety of features. It’s important to research your options before making a purchase. Many people will be tempted to purchase more expensive models with features they might not need or use. Interested customers should also be aware of installation, which can be complicated. Self-installed video surveillance systems are an option that eliminates much of the difficulty associated with installation. Some companies, like Protect America, provide installation support in the form of DVDs, YouTube videos, and over-the-phone assistance. Video surveillance systems should come with reasonable resolution and select features, like motion activation and night or thermal viewing. It’s also important to be able to remotely view your home’s live video feed. Many home video surveillance cameras also include internet functionality that gives you control over your system from most smartphones and computers.

Protect America Video Surveillance System

Protect America offers video surveillance to complement its GE wireless home security system. An interactive video camera system is not available without getting a complete home security system. If you agree to one of Protect America’s award-winning monitoring solutions, you’ll receive a GE wireless home alarm system for no cost. To add a camera, simply ask a Protect America representative for more information.

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