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Protect America vs ADT

Posted By: Adrian Salas on Thursday, May 24th, 2012
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Security companies come and go, but we all know or have heard the name “ADT”. This is most likely because they spend a lot of money on commercial advertising on TV and other platforms. For Protect America, the customer base growth is due to word of mouth and two decades of great service.

The Protect America Advantage vs ADT

Protect America has been in the security industry for over two decades. Protecting homes and families since 1992 comes with great knowledge and skills on providing consumers with great home security information. The knowledge and products we provide are easy to use and come with the support of our great customer service department. The home security systems we provide are wireless, and self-install systems that are very easy to install over the phone with one of our experienced technicians. The life time warranty on all products guarantees you have working products and equipment for the entirety of contract with Protect America. We offer over the phone assistance to test your system monthly or to call in if you have any questions.

Protect America Savings vs ADT

At Protect America you can save a lot of money when you sign up for our service rather than ADT. ADT actually cost more money monthly, and initially when you sign up; you have to pay an installation or activation fee. The easy set up at Protect America lets you install your system with an experienced technician over the phone saving you money on the front end. There is no activation fee as long as you install it within 20 days of receiving it. If it takes longer than 2o days, we are always happy to work with you. Our monthly monitoring rate ranges in price depending on what type of package you end up going with. Our price comparison is to ADT’s price and packages per size.

Protect America Warranty vs ADT

At Protect America we will warranty your equipment for the lifetime you are a PA customer. Yes, I said it. You will get all your equipment warrantied in the event something malfunctions or breaks. To obtain the warranty, one must to remember to test their system monthly, which is routine. This ensures your system is working properly every month. If you forget to test one month, just make sure to test it out as soon as you can. Call your service rep to make sure you are testing the system correctly before you proceed to test.

ADT has a very complicated warranty structure that actually makes you pay $175 dollars out of pocket if you have not purchased their extended warranty! I took a screen shot of the warranty structure they have, and have provided a link directly to their website to show you. Visit this link to see their service plan:


It’s a plain and simple decision from the facts we stated here why consumers choose to go with Protect America. If you have any question feel free to call in to our sales or service departments for assistance or fill out the form on the right column with your contact info and a rep will call you. We respect ADT as a company, but simply have a different way of doing things. We like to make it as simple for our consumers to be happy. At Protect America we want to exceed your expectations and do everything we can to make you feel safe at home while saving you money.

For information on getting a free security system, fill out the form on the right column and a knowledgeable sales rep will call you to make sure to get your home secured at the best price.


Adrian Salas
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* Information used for home security alarm system comparisons was obtained November 2013 through telephone and online research. ADT prices: based on total out-of-pocket expense to obtain services; installation based on fees for similar home security equipment packages; "Monitoring" price listed includes the additional "warranty" or "extended service plan".

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