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How Protect America’s Account Services Team Manages Vital Customer Data

July 6th, 2017

When a new customer joins Protect America, before their system goes live and home security features take off, they are on-boarded by a tight-knit and dedicated team. This team works as a community, and they are one of the most vital departments at Protect America. Their job is the life source of information that will determine the safety of a customer. Meet the Account Services Department.

Account Services handles every new account at Protect America. They transfer all customer information from paper to electronics, ensuring accuracy at every touch point. Their data work goes as far as calling police departments to make sure that they have proper phone numbers in the event of alarms.

Every detail on a customer contract is examined by Account Services. This team places accounts in service, assigns ID’s, along with every technical portion of a customer’s onboarding process.

Ashley Penn is project coordinator with Account Services. She’s been with Protect America for three years and moved to Account Services after spending the beginning of her tenure with General Care. She’s been with Account Services for nearly a year.

Ashley focuses on reporting to find errors and potential problems with customer accounts. Like a hawk searching for an evening meal, the Account Services team uses their sharp eye to resolve issues before they take place.

The Account Services team works with data that is crucial to protecting the homes of Protect America customers.

Culture and Companionship Create a Community

When Ashley arrives at the Protect America offices each morning, she’s greeted with warm smiles from her coworkers. The team discusses what they will be doing for the rest of the day. They go through this process to know what each other is working on, and to clarify if anyone needs to help in any areas. The team examines if any projects are behind, what’s going well, and what can be done to move forward. These meetings aren’t only technical for Ashley, they’re a much needed source of comradery. “Starting my day off with them is what gets me in the right headspace,” she says.

This environment is what keeps Ashley at Protect America. She truly enjoys the people who make up the company. “I think that’s what’s kept me here more than anything else,” she says. There’s a saying at Protect America that Ashley shares. “Once you work here for six months, you become part of the family.” She’s found the saying to ring true. Her co-workers have become friends in and out of the office, and the workplace feels like home.

Ashley appreciates Protect America because the team members work for the right reasons. “No one is just here to collect a check or anything like that,” she says. And she isn’t shy about her affinity for the Account Services Department. She jokes that her department is the best at the company, and she shines light on their efforts to contribute details with delicate care. “Account services is the best when it comes to small details that matter.”

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But this attitude spreads throughout all of Protect America. Ashley’s found that the company excels at hiring people that care. “The kind of people that stick around and are amazing to work with.”

At Protect America, Ashley has found work she enjoys, and a community worth being a part of.

Growth Mentality and Company Purpose

If a prospective employee wants to join Protect America, Ashley encourages them to “go for it.” She says what’s important is finding your fit, which Protect America helps with. “If you try hard and you’re willing to work, we’ll find a place for you. And if there’s not something, we’ll make one,” she says. This isn’t hyperbole. Ashley’s own position has evolved due to the work and diligence that she’s put forth. The leadership team is focused on challenging employees in order to help them grow as people and develop skills.

Growth started from the moment Ashley arrived at Protect America, and it has been encouraged. She’s moved up in roles and responsibility thanks to “good leadership.” A leadership environment that wants employees to grow and improve. They identify what employees are good at and hone in on those skills to calculate the perfect fit.

Though growth has been a selling point for Ashley, she emphasizes that the company’s overall mission is a large driving force for what she does and what the account services team does. If her team enters incorrect information into their systems, customers homes won’t be protected.

Her team cares about what they do. They realize they have an opportunity to make a difference. “We know that at the end of the day, we aren’t just protecting names and numbers on a piece of paper. We’re protecting homes and families,” Ashley says. “We really care about that. It gives us an extra motivation to make sure that we do our jobs and do them well.”

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