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6 Out of the Box Uses for Lock Boxes

October 7th, 2016

A lock box comes in a few different forms — it may be the small padlock key holder you’ve placed on a front door, or one of the various types of larger boxes that holds objects and securely locks them.

These lock box tools are a useful item to have around the home and can secure many important valuables. But these devices can also be used for many other purposes. We’ve put together six of our favorite, alternate lock box uses. 

  1. Store Valuables

The obvious use of a lock box is to store keys, money, or important documents that need protecting, even in the event of a break in. But other important valuables that don’t always come to mind can be stored in a look box too.

Whether it’s old photos or simply personal keepsakes like ticket stubs, event pamphlets, and others, you can store these items in your lock box to keep safe in the event of a natural disaster or accident. This will ensure that you aren’t only protected from burglars, but maybe even from curious kids who like to play with your belongings.

  1. Pretend There’s Additional Security Measures

Even if you don’t have items to secure, or spare keys to hide, you can use a lock box as a fake security measure.

Placing a lock box on the door knob or in the home in a place where a burglar would often look for valuable goods could give the impression that the home is secure and there’s additional security measures, even if that isn’t the case. It’s never a bad idea to distract a burglar and give him additional items to look at that aren’t actually relevant to the items he would want to rob.

  1. Propose (or Fake Propose) to Your Significant Other

Since you can store anything that fits inside of it, you can use a lock box for a real, or fake proposal. Simply place a ring in the container, or maybe a Ring Pop candy, and when you open up the lock box you can give your significant other a very unexpected surprise.

  1. Play a Prank on Your Family Member

It’s never a bad idea to use an everyday item to have a little bit of fun with a family member or friend. Maybe they have a small item that you want to hide for the afternoon, or maybe you know enough physics to make a contraption with a lock box and really prank them.

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Otherwise, you can use a lock box to hide things, lock them out of things, or simply pretend like the keys have gone missing and really give them a scare when they’re entering the door with you.

  1. Use it to Lock Different Locations of the Home

Do your kids have a habit of getting into the pantry when they shouldn’t be? Or maybe your significant other is always eating the leftovers you saved for yourself.

You can use a lock box to lock areas of the home that you only want to be accessed at certain parts of the day. Whether it’s the food cabinet, or maybe even the kids’ electronics, a lock box can be an easy way to keep certain items away at certain times.

  1. Place the Lock Box on Memorable Locations

Many bridges across the country are known for the locks that are placed on the bridge wires. The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City for example, is aligned with locks all down the structure.

These locks usually signify love, and have the names of two partners inscribed on them, but you can take a lock or a lock box and place it on a bridge wire as a keepsake.

Since lock boxes can store things unlike traditional locks, maybe you can even place something inside, so a family member can go get it years down the line, scavenger hunt style.


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