What is the Future of Home Automation?

Loading up the dishwasher, storing food in refrigerators, and drying clothes after a wash are all early forms of home automation. Many people don’t realize that these modern conveniences that we’ve used for decades are the beginning of technology affecting the way we interact with life and the world. Something as simple as opening a [...]

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What Will Home Security Look Like in 2070

“Open the garage, turn on the stove, and have the news on in the background when I return,” the man says as he drives home from work. He’s speaking to his car via the voice-control system that connects with his home security device, his home automation tools, and back to his driver-less vehicle, smartphone, and [...]

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What Will Home Security Cameras Be Like in the Future?

The home security industry has come a long way from the days of only having CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras and hardwired systems. In a short window of time we have seen the emergence of systems that allow users to interact with their home security devices from the phones in their pockets, and wherever they are in the [...]

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Four Movies that Would Have Been Different with Home Security

Most movie-goers leave a viewing with questions of “what if,” or “why did the characters do that?” It’s very common to have critiques about what should or should not have been done while watching films. In many movies, the homeowners or main characters could have really benefited from having a home security system. In some [...]

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How to Equip Your Apartment with Home Security

Every place of residence needs to be safe and secure. No matter if you live in a home, apartment, or condo. Many people assume incorrectly that apartment’s either don’t need home security—or that home security isn’t possible in apartments because landlord’s don’t allow wires and installations. These two assumptions are wrong. Not only do apartments [...]

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Home Security Checklist

A ladder outside of the home, bushes that haven’t been trimmed, trees that hang too close to second floor windows, and spare keys that are hidden in obvious places — these are all examples of vulnerable areas that homeowners often neglect. These are weaknesses that burglars look for whenever they go through neighborhoods and search [...]

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Fire Safety Outreach for People with Disabilities

Todd is laying in bed and turned away from the bedside stand. His bed begins to vibrate, and strobe lights in the hallway and bedroom turn on and alert him of a dangerous fire situation. He grabs his glasses and smartphone from the stand next to him and begins his response to the situation. Todd [...]

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How to Plan Your Home Fire Escape

*Ring* *Riiinnnngggg* *RIIIIINNNGGGGG* Smoke alarms in the home are chirping wildly. Sarah and Kyle throw their sheets off themselves and dash out of their bedrooms. They know they have exactly two minutes to escape from the house. They dash through clear hallways and empty walkways until they reach the front door. Once outside, a sprint [...]

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What are the Odds of Your Burglary Being Solved?

In the dead of night a burglar broke in. Valuables were taken, the home was turned upside down, and home security equipment wasn’t available to show police officers any suspects or provide leads on burglars. Fingerprints weren’t found on glass — and wood, carpet, and other home materials don’t hold fingerprints well. The most unfortunate [...]

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Track Your Property: How to Create an Inventory of Your Valuables

The entrance is decorated with a clock that has been passed down for generations. The kitchen has a historic set of Tupperware from the presidency of Harry Truman, though they’re rarely used. Inside the bedroom lies favorite jewelry of the Mrs., and a collection of baseball cards that the Mr. has had since he was [...]

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