How to Stay Safe if You Live at Home Alone

Living at home alone is an enjoyable experience for many. You get to pick the music you listen to, the shows you watch, and there’s never any question about whether or not you’re allowed to have guests over, because you make the decisions. But for many people, though they enjoy the advantages of living at [...]

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Six Famous Diamond Thieves, One of Which was Inspired by Popular Crime Films

There’s a certain mystique to diamond thieves. We’ve seen it in the many films that portray these criminals. They are often cunning, creative, and clever in their maneuvers. Jewel thieves find ways to execute elaborate heists despite the odds being stacked against them. While we never want to glamorize criminals, these thieves and their exploits [...]

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Eight Real-Life Bank Robbers That Make Hollywood Films Look Like Fiction

Hollywood has told stories of incredible fiction robberies, and many that portray real-life events. But even in their portrayal of real-life, some of these films don’t do the true stories justice. We explore some of the most notable bank robbers who ever lived: Butch Cassidy Butch Cassidy was the leader of the Wild Bunch gang, [...]

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4 Tricks You Didn’t Know Burglars Use

Cartoons often portray the idea of the bumbling burglar—the non-savvy criminal who attempts to get away with a crime that is way over his head. While this is often the case—and some burglaries are simply crimes of opportunity—many burglars have their wits about them more than we give them credit for. Some burglars plan elaborate [...]

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Should You Buy A Video Doorbell?

Peephole or video doorbell? It’s the classic debate over low-tech versus high-tech. A basic peephole gets the job done with little fuss. But a video doorbell with WiFi capabilities might be the answer for those who can’t be bothered to get off the couch or want to see who’s at the door when no one’s [...]

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Flood Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

If you’re debating whether to purchase flood insurance, you have good reason to. For most of the United States, 2017 has been a banner year for rainfall. In fact, flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster in the county, causing billions of dollars in economic losses each year, according to the Federal Emergency [...]

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Protect America Home Security Now Integrates with Amazon Echo

The most affordable deal in home security, and number one ranked company by Best, and Top Consumer Review now integrates with Amazon Echo devices. Protect America customers can take their connected home security systems to the next level by adding voice control through Amazon’s Alexa platform. Alexa is the intelligent personal assistant that [...]

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How Many Sensors Are Needed in the Home?

The control panel of a home security system is the life source, but the security sensors are the small workers that get the job done. Security sensors work by receiving signals any time an are where they are placed senses motion. Once they obtain these signals, they send them back to the control panel. There are [...]

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Five Of The Craziest Burglaries That Ever Happened

There’s a certain entertainment value to burglary films. Watching a group of criminals attempt to beat the insurmountable odds of robbing a high-stakes bank, stealing a painting, and getting away Scot-free seems to attract us in cinema. Think Mission Impossible, the Ocean’s films, and The Italian Job. These heist films are dramatic. In reality, it’s [...]

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The Aftermath, What it Feels Like After Being Burglarized

Walking into a home only to see belongings thrown about, notice valuable items are missing, and realizing that a complete stranger was going through belongings in the home is an unsettling experience. After getting over the initial reaction to the physical aftermath of a burglary, victims are likely to feel a number of emotions that [...]

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