Call Center Jobs in Round Rock – Working at Protect America

Nestled in-between Austin and Round Rock, Protect America is one of the nation’s top providers in home security with a 25 year history of giving customers the best in home security and automation at an affordable price. Since our inception we have protected over half a million homes and counting. Currently 15% of the population [...]

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An Inside Look at Aura, the Security System with Zero Cameras

Imagine your home is protected by an invisible shield. This shield is a motion sensing device and it will alert you of any intruder. This is similar to home security sensors, but where sensors only monitor a specific door or window, this shield monitors entire areas of the home. The system is made to serve [...]

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Deep Sentinel Aims to Turn Science Fiction Home Security into Reality

Science fiction has depicted futuristic homes that would be controlled and protected through artificial technology that even predicts crime before it happens. While the current home automation industry has brought a lot of fiction technologies to life, home security has yet to see Artificial Intelligence implemented in the ways that fiction entertainment depicted. But AI-based [...]

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A Look at Ring’s Outdoor Floodlight Camera, Can it Substitute for Full Security?

Once a burglar steps foot within a 270° range of your property, he’ll be blasted with floodlights from Ring’s new outdoor Floodlight camera. The bright lights accompanied with night vision technology are said to guarantee capturing the burglar’s image. This is the company’s first venture into outdoor home security cameras after launching the Ring Doorbell and [...]

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How to Protect Your Vehicle from Burglary

No area, property, or item is immune to theft. Gas stations, hotels, shopping malls, and any place where property and valuables are present is a likely candidate to be stolen from. After homes, vehicles are at the top of any would-be criminals list. Similar to homes, many vehicle thefts are simply a crime of opportunity. [...]

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How to Test Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide are two of the most important devices attached to an all-encompassing home security system. Both devices are life-saving tools, but to get the most of them, they must be working properly. This is where testing comes in. Testing for both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is rather simple, and staying on [...]

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SpotCam Unveils an Outdoor Camera, How Does it Perform?

The home security market is filled with standalone cameras that advertise the ability to protect and monitor a home, though many of them fall short of the services they claim to provide. One of which is SpotCam, who recently upgraded their catalog to include a camera option that can be used and operated outdoors, the SpotCam [...]

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How Many Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Needed For the Home?

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are two of the most important items a home security toolkit can have. Both alarms prevent life-threatening dangers that are oftentimes silent and without warning. Whether the threat be fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide, the greatest threat to a family and home occurs at night when everyone is asleep.  In [...]

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How to Avoid Door-to-Door Scams

This summer, thousands of ‘doorknockers’ will prey on neighborhoods across America. Their goal is to trick you in to switching to another home security provider, often through deceptive practices that may leave you stuck with unexpected expenses. We’ve put together this adorable castle-themed guide in order to help you stay safe by being able to properly [...]

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An Inside Look at China Based Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Home Kit

Based in China, Xiaomi is a technology company that once held the title of the world’s highest valued startup and the fastest growing smart-home creator. Currently Xiaomi is worth $45 billion. Known for a plethora of home automation and technology tools, including: smartphones, robot vacuums, smart lights, and rice cookers—among other products—the Xiaomi smart home [...]

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