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Home Security During Storms: Backup Battery

September 9th, 2013

Being prepared during emergency situations is important. Knowing what your home security system can do for you in those situations can be life-saving. September is National Preparedness month, but we’d like to remind you to be prepared are year long.

The Backup Battery

There are a lot of features your home security system is capable of, but today we are going to highlight the ‘backup battery’ in your Simon XT. The Simon XT has a backup battery located in the back of the system. The battery is only used if your system ever loses its electrical connection.

For instance, if your home loses power during a storm, the backup battery then kicks in and keeps your system connected for at least 18 to 24 hours. This can be vital during extreme weather.

The Backup Battery is included with all home security systems from Protect America. Considering that you don’t have too many power outages, the battery can last a good amount of time from up to three to five years.

The power supply to your alarm system is vital for communication. It will allow your system to send signals in the event of a break-in or emergency situation. Having cellular monitoring is the ideal type of monitoring have in this situation. If you have broadband monitoring, you can even have a backup battery for your router or modem that usually your internet service provider will recommend for you. This will keep your system connected and sending signals even when your power is out.

Replacing the Backup Battery

When it comes to replacing your backup battery, you can give Protect America a call. We will replace your battery often times under warranty. We also will ship the item to you and walk you through the easy-installation once you receive it.

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