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2016 Arkansas Burglary Stats: Burglary Safe Zones and Hot Spots

September 29th, 2016

At Protect America, we’ve put together a list of the 10 cities in Arkansas with the lowest burglary rates. We call these cities “Burglary Safe Zones.” We’ve also made a list of the 10 cities in Arkansas with the highest burglary rates. We call these cities “Burglary Hot Spots.”

Our lists are based on data from the recent FBI Uniform Crime Report. We only counted cities that submitted burglary data.

2016 Arkansas Burglary Safe Zones

  1. Tuckerman
    • Population 1,773, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Tuckerman is home to Jim Barnes, an Olympic gold medalist in basketball.
  2. Little Flock
    • Population 2750, Burglaries 2
    • Town trivia: Little Flock is part of the Fayetteville–Springdale–Rogers, AR-MO Metropolitan Statistical Area.
  3. Centerton
    • Population 11,635, Burglaries 9
    • Town trivia: Centerton was incorporated in 1914.
  4. West Fork
    • Population 2,552, Burglaries 2
    • Town trivia: West Fork was incorporate in 1885.
  5. Highland
    • Population 1,051, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Highland is a city in Sharp County.
  6. Lavaca
    • Population 2,400, Burglaries 3
    • Town trivia: Lavaca is part of the Fort Smith metro area.
  7. Bella Vista
    • Population 27,970, Burglaries 37
    • Town trivia: Bella Vista was originally founded as a summer resort town in the 1960’s.
  8. Quitman
    • Population 746, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Quitman’s high school is the bulldogs.
  9. Weiner
    • Population 692, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Weiner is a city in Poinsett County.
  10. Cave City
    • Population 1,860, Burglaries 3
    • Town trivia: Cave City is known for having the “World’s Sweetest Watermelon.”

2016 Arkansas Burglary Hot Spots

  1. Blytheville
    • Population 14717, Burglaries 511
    • Town trivia: Blytheville is home to “That Bookstore” in Blytheville, John Grisham’s favorite bookstore.
  2. El Dorado
    • Population 18229, Burglaries 402
    • Town trivia: El Dorado is the headquarters of Murphy Oil and Murphy USA.
  3. Marmaduke
    • Population 1231, Burglaries 27
    • Town trivia: Marmaduke is named for a Confederate General, John Sappington Marmaduke.
  4. Newport
    • Population 7744, Burglaries 168
    • Town trivia: Newport is home to Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart.
  5. Crossett
    • Population 5192, Burglaries 112
    • Town trivia: Crossett is the largest city in Ashley County, Arkansas.
  6. Pine Bluff
    • Population 44466, Burglaries 921
    • Town trivia: Pine Bluff is the home to 35 bass fishing tournaments a year.
  7. Trumann
    • Population 7179, Burglaries 137
    • Town trivia: Trumann was once the site of a Baldwin Piano factory.
  8. Wynne
    • Population 8098, Burglaries 150
    • Town trivia: DeAngelo Williams, the current running back for the Steelers, played at Wynne High School.
  9. Helena-West Helena
    • Population 11101, Burglaries 205
    • Town trivia: Helena is home to the longest running radio show in the US – “King Biscuit Time.”
  10. Magnolia
    • Population 11414, Burglaries 192
    • Town trivia: Magnolia is home to the World’s Largest Charcoal Grill.

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