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Welcome to Denver

Typical commute time in Denver, CO? Average home size? Maybe you'd like to learn more about Denver's demographics, or your local farmer's market location? Look within to discover more.

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About the area

Whether you're from Denver or just moving to Colorado, our security systems are perfect for you. Let us be the first to welcome you home.

About the Community
  • Average Drive Time
    26.07 min. Average time drive time to work
  • Average citizen age
    35 Average citizen age
  • Average Household Income
    $39,500 Average household income
  • 1,213 sq. ft. Average home size
  • $369,900 Average home list price
Google Map of Denver, CO

Who lives here?

Our security systems are built for you in mind and can be easily customized to your lifestyle.

Bright Lights, Big City Very mobile singles living in the city.

Singles ranging in age from early 20s to mid-40s who have moved to an urban setting. Most rent their apartment or condo. Some have a college education and work in services and the professional sector.

Aspiring Urbanites Urban singles with moderate income.

Low- to middle-income singles over a wide age range. Some have a college education. They work in a variety of occupations, including some management-level positions.

Non-native Newbies Foreign-born individuals who just moved to U.S.

A significant proportion of people who have moved to the U.S. from Puerto Rico, the U.S. Island Areas, or a foreign country. Wide age range. Some have a high school or college education, and they work in a variety of occupations.

Makin' It Singles Upper-scale urban singles.

Pre-middle-age to middle-age singles with upper-scale incomes. May or may not own their own home. Most have college educations and are employed in mid-management professions.

Power Singles High-income urban singles.

Highly educated professionals, many with advanced degrees. They draw a handsome salary and have reasonable living expenses while living a hip, upscale life in an urban center.

Support local farmers

We give you the peace of mind to worry less, get out and enjoy yourself.
Check out some of the great Denver farmers' markets.

Universities & higher education

Universities bring a spark of culture and energy to community life. Which ones are in your area? Work for a university in Denver? We appreciate what you do, call us at 1-800-951-5190 and ask about our special discounts created just for you.

Local school districts

Your local school districts are a foundation for families and quality of life! Here is a list of districts in your area.

  • Average Drive Time
    DENVER 1
  • Average Drive Time
    DENVER 1
  • Average Drive Time
  • Average Drive Time
  • Average Drive Time
  • Average Drive Time
  • Average Drive Time

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Denver, CO Basic Crime Statistics

FBI crime statistics about Denver speak volumes. As you can see, burglaries take up a significant portion of crime in your area. While many cities in Co are great places to live (including Denver), the danger of burglary is an ever-present reality. Whether you have experienced a break-in or know someone who has fallen victim, you know how traumatizing they can be.



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Auto Thefts

per 100k

Our systems don't just stop at security, they improve quality of life. Whether it's home automation technology controllable through your smartphone like lights and door locks, or next generation smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that immediately reach out for help – a smart home is easily within anyone's reach.

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Simply Peace of Mind

Our burglar alarm systems provide state-of-the-art security so you don"t have to worry about a thing.

Security Designed for You

Each home alarm system is built to fit you, including options like: home automation, fire protection, and iPhone control.

Easy Wireless Set-Up

Our systems make installation a snap without holes or destruction to your home.

The Best Price, Period

Protect America, Inc. makes it easy to secure and protect your home and family.

What People are Saying

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on over 9 Protect America Colorado Customer Reviews

Today, I had the most wonderful and positive customer experience with Jordan. I had recently upgraded my service and had received an incomplete package from shipping. Jordan not only helped me with the process, but went above and beyond in helping me set up the new alarm system as well as help me program all of my sensors. She was extremely helpful, patient, informative, knowledgeable, and most of all friendly and cheerful. She answered all of my questions, and did so with a great "can-do" attitude. I work in the customer/client services business myself, and I am very quick to recognize both good and bad service. Jordan was simply outstanding, and for that, I hope she gets appropriately recognized. What a great asset to your team! You should be grateful to have her.

Darren of Denver, CO

I have 2 recent contacts through live chat that have been positive. First was to take my monitoring off a phone line and switch to broadband. The second to change our contact numbers after we discontinued our landline phone service. All my questions were answered, and my phone support for hooking up the new monitoring unit was great too!

Kathryn of Denver, CO

Dear Thad: I just recently purchased, installed and activated my new alarm system with Protect America. I must say that I was refreshingly pleased with your staff’s empathy (I was recently robbed in my home), professionalism, patience and more importantly sense of humor. Other than the missing decals, which Joseph reported and is sending those out immediately and the ‘free gift’ promotion, which was resolved by the on-line chat representative; thus far, this has been a positive and securing process. Thank you, Bryce

Bryce of Denver, CO

I requested a certificate using the live chat feature and got a very quick and efficient response. I was told it would be mailed out right away; I'm impressed so far!

Clark of Denver, CO

Jonathan was wonderful to work with. Great service and very helpful. Thank you!!

Lisa of Denver, CO

Amanda was wonderful to work with; she assisted me in making the right choices to insure my home is protected. She deserves recognition for her knowledge of your company’s products and her ability to explain them to the customer. Thank you Amanda. Merry Christmas

Steve of Denver, CO

* Standard home security alarm monitoring agreement required with approved credit. Offer subject to change. Void where prohibited. Offer Expires: 03/31/2015

* Information used for home security alarm system comparisons was obtained November 2011 through telephone and online research. ADT prices: based on total out-of-pocket expense to obtain services; installation based on fees for similar home security equipment packages; "Monitoring" price listed includes the additional "warranty" or "extended service plan".

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