Cellular Connection

Wireless Interactive Cellular Connection

The alarm panel is built with a GSM cellular device that directly contacts our monitoring station in case of trouble or alarm.

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High Speed Broadband Connection

High-Speed Interactive Broadband Connection

Using your broadband modem or router, your alarm panel contacts our monitoring station and dispatches emergency in case of trouble or alarm.

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Standard Landline Connection

Standard Landline Connection

Using a standard telephone line, your panel directly contacts our monitoring station in time of trouble or alarm and dispatches emergency.

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What is Alarm Monitoring?

Having a home security system installed is just the first half of a secured home. When your alarm goes off, the security system sends out a signal to our monitoring station, which in turn, contacts you and the authorities. Without a home security monitoring service, an alarm that is tripped never contacts the police. A monitored home security system is the best solution for keeping your home and family safe. And we are proud to offer a variety of monitoring solutions to fit your home, lifestyle, and budget.


The Right Monitoring

While many alarm companies only offer one type of monitoring solution, we understand that every home is different. Not every monitoring solution will work with your home or budget. From cellular, high-speed broadband, or standard landline, we believe that instead of changing your home to fit the alarm system, make your system fit your home. With today's communications technology, Protect America has created a variety of affordable while also flexible home security system monitoring solutions.

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Home Monitoring You Can Trust

With years of experience in the alarm industry, our monitoring station is UL Listed and follows the standards for burglary signaling. Employees undergo weeks of intensive training, testing, and certification to make sure your alarm is handled with knowledgeable expertise and extreme professionalism. It is our philosophy and our training that provide our customers with the absolute best alarm response.


Redundant Security Backup

We have three monitoring stations running 24/7 providing redundant back-up to ensure that all of our customers are always protected. That means when your alarm goes off and sends a signal to one of our facilities, there are two more back-up facilities ready and waiting just in case. When your alarm goes off, we want to make sure authorities will respond.


On the Level Pricing

We are committed to providing top of the line home security and an affordable and realistic price. When signing up with Protect America, we make sure that your monitoring rate is locked-in. There are no introductory rates that change, or price hikes down the road. Your monitoring rate will not magically raise one month. Your monthly payment will stay the same throughout your contract.

* Standard home security alarm monitoring agreement required with approved credit. Offer subject to change. Void where prohibited. Offer Expires: 03/31/2015

* Information used for home security alarm system comparisons was obtained November 2011 through telephone and online research. ADT prices: based on total out-of-pocket expense to obtain services; installation based on fees for similar home security equipment packages; "Monitoring" price listed includes the additional "warranty" or "extended service plan".

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