Arizona tops list of safest places to live

When it comes to safety and security, no other state is quite as secure as Arizona, according to a new breakdown of the 10 safest places to live in the country.

The study, from, analyzed three different safety factors: an area's rate of automobile accidents, the likelihood of a natural disaster and, perhaps most importantly, crime rates. Interestingly, however, an area's crime rate was not necessarily a factor in it being a particularly safe place to live. It was, however, a key factor in being an unsafe place to live. Study authors pointed to the example of New York, which has a fairly low crime rate - 0.55 percent per 100,000 people, according to FBI statistics used in compiling the report - but is still not a very safe place to live. The Big Apple ranked 43 out of 73 cities.

Topping the list was Mesa, Arizona, where residents rarely get in car accidents, there is virtually zero risk of natural disaster, and the crime rate is a scant 0.39 percent. Two other Arizona cities, Tucson (No. 3) and Phoenix (No. 7) made the top 10 list. Other cities to make the list were: Colorado Springs, Colorado; St. Paul, Minnesota; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Henderson, Nevada; El Paso, Texas; Aurora, Colorado; and Anaheim, California.

Homeowners in any part of the country can reduce their risk of being victimized in a crime. Home security systems are an effective way to lower the risk of a burglary or other type of home invasion.

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