Allowing children to play at a local park is a good idea, but parents should have a safety plan set to ensure they are safe.

Communication necessary for safety of children

Although summer is coming to an end, children still want to go outside and play with their friends to salvage the last of the warmer months. According to a blog specializing in home and family security, there are several ways parents can keep their children safe. Remaining in touch with children and having a safety plan set is the best way to avoid any potentially dangerous situations from taking place.

"Help your child memorize your phone number and address, so no matter what happens they can contact you," the source suggested.

In addition, communicating with children before they leave the house and designating a safe spot to meet if families are in a large public space will put parents and children's minds at ease.

Keeping children safe at home is also a major aspect of family safety. Having a wireless home security system will provide extra protection to families and their property. The devices that Protect America provides are some of the best rated systems on the market.

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