Couple arrested in connection with California burglary

Police received a call about a man and woman running down a suburban street, carrying a duffle bag and a rifle case, according to the Silicon Valley Mercury News

When the authorities caught up with the pair, the man dropped the bags and got away, but the woman was detained. The rifle case contained a shotgun and police found stolen jewelry and electronics in the duffle bag. Home security systems may be helpful in preventing similar crimes from taking place.

The Danville Express News reported that one middle school and two elementary schools in the area were ordered to initiate lockdowns while the San Ramon police department and the Contra Costa Sheriff's department searched the area for the man. The lockdown orders were lifted after the suspect was captured.

A police search found 20-year-old Joseph Cefalou in the backyard of a residence, where he was arrested for possession of stolen property and suspicion of residential burglary. 

The female, who is a juvenile, has been released pending further investigations. The couple appears to have no motive for committing the burglary, Police Chief Steve Simpkins told the news source. 


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