Officials in Tampa are deciding whether or not to keep the surveillance system installed in the city for the Republican National Convention.

Fate of Tampa’s Republican National Convention security cameras in question

City officials in Tampa, Florida, are discussing the fate of the surveillance cameras that were installed downtown for the Republican National Convention. The cameras have not been active since August 30, 2012, when the RNC ended, but the equipment remains in place.

Police installed a wireless, closed-circuit surveillance system similar to those used for home security purposes. The 60-camera system cost nearly $2 million, according to Tampa Bay Online.

The Tampa City Council must now decide whether to keep the system and provide surveillance for the city or close the system. The council members have different opinions on which areas of the city could benefit most from security cameras. While some believe they can help lower crime rates downtown, others believe that having constant surveillance is too Big Brother-esque and invades residents’ privacy.

“I don’t believe they’ll be up for any long period of time,” said Charlie Miranda, city council chairman. “I don’t think there will be an issue where we’re going to have a preponderance of cameras.”

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