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Crime Statistics

New technology makes home security more user-friendly

Recent improvements in technology have made their way to home security alarm systems. This is good news for residents of Chicago where, according to Neighborhood Scout, the burglary crime rate is at 9.77. A rate of 100 would be ...

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The FBI estimates that homeowners will spend an average of $2,000 over the course of the summer in burglary related costs.

FBI property crime statistics released

The FBI estimates that homeowners will spend an average of $2,000 over the course of the summer in burglary related costs.

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The number of violent crimes in wealthy areas of Manhattan have increased dramatically.

Dramatic crime increase in wealthy areas of Manhattan

Wealthy areas of Manhattan are seeing a spike in the amount of violent crimes, which could mean that having the added protection of a home security system may be more important than ever before.

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University of Illinois police are increasing the number of security cameras around campus to help fight crime.

Security cameras reduce crime on the University of Illinois campus

Police on the University of Illinois (UI) campus have seen a reduction in crime since increasing the number of surveillance system cameras from 13 in 2008 to 900 in 2013.

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Crime has increased dramatically in a coastal Virginia city thanks to the police department's video surveillance camera system.

Surveillance cameras help police fight crime

In a coastal Virginia city just across the bay from Norfolk, the police surveillance camera system is helping officials fight crime more quickly and effectively than ever before.

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Private security cameras are helping police catch more criminals.

Private surveillance cameras lead to catching more criminals

The increasing number of private video surveillance systems is helping police to more quickly apprehend criminal suspects.

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Detroit residents might consider home security systems, as the Motor City was ranked the most dangerous city in America by Forbes.

Forbes ranks Detroit most dangerous city in America

Despite violent crime being down nationwide, Detroit was recently ranked 2010’s most violent crime-prone area in America with 1,111 crimes per 100,000 residents, according to Forbes’ list of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

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Business owners should make their employees aware of security measures to get everyone to work together as a team.

Small businesses a common target for crime

A recent survey of business owners in Shawnee County, Kansas, revealed that 60 percent experienced crime in the past two years.

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The nation has seen declining vehicle theft for eight consecutive years, but vehicles still remain a popular target for thieves.

Christmas Day lowest number of car thefts, but vehicles owners still must be vigilant

The National Crime Investigation Bureau recently released promising news for the upcoming holiday: In 2011, car thefts were the lowest on Christmas Day out of all the holidays.

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