The Business Package

Security for the small business or restaurant.

  • 1 Simon XT Control Panel
  • 2 Door or Window Sensors
  • 1 Glass Break Detector
  • 1 Video Surveillance Camera
  • 3 Window Decals
  • Arm / Disarm from your Smart Phone
  • View Live Video from Anywhere

starting at: $46.99 per month

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$99 Equipment Cost • No Installation Fees

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Triple Threat Security Protection Three Ways to Help Protect Your Business

Door / Window Sensor

Break-In Security Protection

The front and back entrances of your business are protected from attempted break-ins by 2 door and window sensors. If a criminal tries to enter your business through a monitored door, the alarm will be triggered.

Glassbreak Detector

Shattered Glass Security

Many retail businesses have large windows to attract customers’ attention. These windows can also provide burglars with an easy way to get into your store. Our specialized glass break sensor protects your windows by listening for the specific frequency of breaking glass. When detected, the alarm sounds.

Interactive Security Camera

Eye in the Sky Surveillance

The business package from Protect America also includes a state-of-the-art interactive home video camera. Accessible from almost any computer or smartphone with Internet access, our interactive video security cameras help prevent against employee theft and vandalism. With video security, watching your business is just a click away.

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The Business Package

Protect America has specifically designed the Business Package to meet the needs of business owners from restaurants to medium-sized retail stores. Connecting through our Interactive Broadband Monitoring, the system plugs right into your current high speed internet connection. This means you have lightning quick alarms signals. Also with the Interactive Broadband, you have free access to our interactive services meaning you can watch your business from anywhere with your smartphone or personal computer.

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Home Security:

The Simon XT

The Simon XT is the hub of your entire security system. it is the place you will be entering commands to arm or disarm the system and we recommend the Simon XT be placed in an easy to access location. From there you can arm your system, call emergency response, see important status messages, or disarm your system with its keypad.

All of our packages include 1 Simon XT Control Panel.

Home Security:

Door / Window Sensor

The most common piece of security equipment when it comes to securing your home, door or window sensors are used to detect when any door or window is opened. The Copper Package is designed to provide basic security; protecting your front door and 2 other doors or windows.

The Copper Package Includes 3 Door / Window Sensors

Home Security:

Motion Detector

A motion detector is designed to protect the inside of your home. If a burglar somehow bypasses the perimeter sensors, the motion detector will sound the alarm if any movement is detected. We recommend that each motion detector be placed in a heavy traffic area.

The Copper Package Includes 1 Motion Detector

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