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Installing and activating your home security wireless system and equipment is a very easy process that usually takes less than one hour. Our customer installation specialists are available to help you step by step on the phone and you can view our step by step instructions right here on our website. Get Started

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Protect America Home Security Equipment

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Simon XT Installation

The Simon XT is the "brains" of for your entire security system. Arm and disarm your alarm with multiple programmable codes, have Simon text you if there’s a problem, even control it from anywhere with your smartphone. The Simon XT interacts wirelessly with every element of the security system, allowing you to defend your home from every angle without drilling holes or running wires through walls. The wireless nature of this system also allows for a remarkably easy installation.

Motion Detector Installation Video

Installation of Motion Detector

The home security wireless motion detector is designed to protect the interior of your home and will serve as a secondary line of defense if an intruder gets past your protected entry points. It is best to place motion detectors in the corner of high traffic areas such as a living room or hallway.

When installing the wireless motion detector, it is important that the light is at the bottom of the sensor prior to mounting. To install the motion detector, the preferred method is to use the included velcro adhesive, or you can screw your motion detector in place.

Warning! Be sure that the view of the motion detector is not pointed towards a window and also be sure that you do not mount it near any type of heating source, like a fireplace or heating vent, as these could potentially cause false alarms. Please see page 6 of your installation manual for visual instructions.

Preferred Method: Velcro Adhesive

Remove the plastic film, located on the sides of the motion detector. Mount the motion detector between 6 ½ to 7 feet from the finished floor. Finally, press the motion detector firmly in place so that it sticks to the wall.

Alternative Method: Screw Detector to the Wall

Remove the back plate of the wireless motion detector by opening the sensor and removing the circuit board. The back plate will be used as the mounting bracket. Use a small Philips screwdriver to punch out the holes (from the inside) on the angled sides of the mounting bracket by twisting the screwdriver. Now that the holes are punched, clean off any rough edges. Secure the mounting bracket to the wall between 6 ½ to 7 feet from the finished floor with the screws and anchors provided in the packet. Snap the circuit board back into place and then snap the cover back on the motion detector. If the head of the screws do not fit flush inside the holes, the motion detector circuit board will not snap back into the bracket after it has been mounted on the wall.

Door Sensor Installation Video

Installation of a Door Sensor

Familiarize yourself with the home security wireless equipment. Lay out the home security wireless sensors and magnets side by side using the alignment arrows.

Your home security wireless door sensors are important detection points - 75% of all break-ins occur through a door. Use common sense when installing home security wireless sensors - remember that the objective is to make sure that the sensor and magnet are located within 3/4” of each other. (See Figure 1) Be sure the home security wireless sensor and magnet are not obstructing the opening of the door.

Hold the home security wireless sensor near the top of the door, close to the opening edge of the door (not the hinge side). This is the mounting location for the sensor. Hold the magnet on the doorframe next to the sensor. The alignment marks must match up. (See Figure 2) The sensor and magnet must be within 3/4 of an inch from each other in order to operate properly. This is the mounting location for the magnet.

Now that you have determined the proper location you can attach the home security wireless sensor and magnet. Thoroughly clean the mounting location with a clean, dry cloth. Remove the protective backing off the 3M strip on the sensor. Make sure the home security wireless sensor is straight and is close to the edge of the door. Attach the sensor to the door. Press firmly and hold in place for 30 seconds.

Now remove the protective backing off the 3M strip on the magnet. Make sure the alignment marks are facing each other. Attach the magnet on the doorframe next to the sensor. Press firmly and hold in place for 30 seconds. When the magnet is moved more than a few inches from the sensor, the alarm will be activated if the home security wireless system is armed.

Installation of our Window Sensors

Our window sensors are the exact same equipment as the door sensors and are basically installed the same way - remember that the objective is to make sure that the sensor and magnet are located within 3/4” of each other. Be sure the sensor and magnet are not obstructing the opening of the window.

Open and close the window so you can see how the window works in order to determine the mounting location. Remember that the alignment mark on the home security wireless sensor should always be facing the magnet.

Home security wireless sensors should be mounted on the moving part of the window. The magnet should be mounted to the window frame.

Making sure the sensor is straight and is not obstructing the opening of the window. Secure the sensor using the adhesive provided.

Use 3M adhesive on the magnet. Place the magnet on the window frame of the window making sure the arrows on the magnet and sensor are aligned. Press firmly and hold in place for 30 seconds. Clean off any excess adhesive.


Cellular Takeover Installation

With Protect America's cellular takeover unit, your existing home security system can be converted to advanced cellular protection. Simply plug it into your existing security system and experience the freedom of wireless defense.


Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Installing your carbon monoxide detector is simple. This device communicates directly with your security system and a monitoring station, so dangerous levels of CO2 sound an alarm and alert the authorities. Simply consult your manual or call our security expert for a guided installation that takes only minutes.


Simon XT Touchscreen Installation

The Simon XT Touchscreen is a convenient way to control and monitor your home’s security – all on a LCD screen. To integrate it easily into your home, simply consult the manual or call one of our security experts for step-by-step help with the installation.


Video Camera Installation

Add a layer of interactive defense and be connected to your home like never before. These smart cameras integrate easily with your security system and viewable on your smart phone via Protect America's free app SMART Connect.


GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit Installation

This small but extremely useful device enables you to keep track of vehicle location and even speed. Receive text message notifications if the vehicle travels out of a designated area or faster then a set speed. Installation is a snap, just plug it into your car's ODB port.


Yale Real Living Z-Wave Door Lock

Never get locked out again with the Yale Real Living Z-Wave door lock. Unlock your door with your smart phone, keypad entry, or a good old fashioned key. For further assistance installing the lock onto your door, please contact Yale Support at 1-800-810-9473. Yale Support is available from 8:00am-7:00pm (EST) Monday - Friday. After you have installed the lock onto your door, please download the Yale Z-Wave Door Lock User Guide below to setup your lock and learn how to use it with our SMART Connect Interactive platform.

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