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Our home security equipment is centered around total home protection — intrusion and motion detection, video surveillance, and remote system arming and control. That’s better security.

home security equipment

Intrusion detection

Touchscreen convenience

Connected home security

A next generation touchscreen panel featuring a large display and sleek housing. This self-contained home security system provides color LCD touch screen convenience, at-a-glance system status, and easy to use icon-based system operation all at a cost conscious price point.

Door and window micro sensors

The workhorse of your home security system

With their small size offering flexible installation options, these wireless pre-programmed sensors have a 5 year battery life and are quickly and easily installed. A signal is sent to your system whenever a door or window is opened or closed. Armed systems trigger the alarm.

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Indoor wireless motion detector

Wireless and intelligent

These wireless sensors are easily installed with wall mount adhesives and have a wide horizontal coverage range of 25 feet. They detect movement by intelligently sensing heat emissions from anyone moving across a room. Oh, and they’re also pet friendly for most pets weighing under 40 pounds.

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Life saving technology

Monitored smoke detector

Adding smoke detectors to your home security system is the best way to protect your home and family from fire 24 hours a day.

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Home Automation

From smart lights to automated climate control, combining our home security system with other aspects of home automation has never been easier. Learn how Z-Wave technology can make your home security system a gateway to a connected home.

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