10 Haunting Pet Safety Stats for Halloween

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dollar sign


million spent

on halloween costumes for pets



of emergency vet calls on halloween

several telephones



on average for treating a pet for raisin toxicity



pounds of chocolate is bought for Halloween


cost for treating a pet for chocolate toxicity


Black Cats

are up for adoption by some shelters during october for their protection

black cat
scale balancing a large pile of chocolate bars against death




holiday for pets to get lost


lost dog sign


of americans will dress their pets in halloween costumes


avg. spent

on treating ingestions of costume parts


avg. spent

on upset stomachs for pets each halloween

dog wearing bat wings

Tips to make Halloween Safe for your Pets

Costume Conscious

If you decide to dress your pet up in a Halloween costume, make sure it does not limit their movement or breathing. Also, make sure it is not too loose. The average cost of treating a pet that has eaten their costume every Halloween more than triples the cost of chocolate toxicity.

Guard the Door

No matter how social or friendly your pet may be, a night full of strangers at the door will most likely cause stress or fear for most animals. To combat this, make sure your pets are kept indoors and in a separate room from the front door during peak trick-or-treat hours. Also, be sure your pet is wearing an ID tag in case they run out the door.

Hide the Treats

Chocolate is the most popular candy on Halloween, which can be disastrous for your pet. While any type of chocolate is not good, dark or baked chocolate can be especially dangerous. Even more surprising is the severe danger raisins can cause. On average, pet owners are paying $1,124 on Halloween in stomach related problems with their pets. So make sure to keep that candy bowl out of reach!

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