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Spooky Halloween Safety Guide

No Masks

Wearing a mask can be bothersome to the child after a few minutes, and it also limits their field of vision. This can lead them to trip over steps or run across the street without being able to see cars in their periphery. Face paint is a safer and sometimes even scarier alternative.

Feed Them First

Before the trick-or-treating starts, give your kids some food and snacks so that their stomachs aren’t growling while they’re receiving buckets of candy. This will decrease their urge to eat all of those unhealthy treats as they collect them.

Flame Resistant Costumes

When picking out costumes for your kids, always check the label to see if the material is flame resistant. With common decorations being jack o'lanterns and candles, it’s important to keep fire safety and prevention in mind.

Brightly Colored Costumes

Choose bright costumes instead of black or dark-colored outfits. Lighting is going to be dim at best, so you want your kid to be easily visible to everyone around. This makes it easier for cars to notice them and for you to keep track of them.

Blunt and Flexible Props

If your kids’ costumes call for props, make sure that they aren’t sharp or rigid. That way if they hit someone with it or fall onto it on accident, no one will be hurt.

Bring a Light

It’s a good idea to have them carry their own light source as well, whether it’s a flashlight, a glow stick or even a lightsaber! This makes them visible and also helps them look where they’re walking.

Don’t Run

It’s dark, and there are a lot of strangers around. For everyone’s safety, walk to prevent tripping or bumping into others.

Don’t Go Alone

Parents should accompany children to the doorsteps of houses when trick-or-treating.

No Pets

Pets can get spooked and stressed out around so many people on the streets as well as many unusual sights and sounds. It’s best to keep them safely at home.

Invite Your Friends

Trick-or-treating is the most fun with friends! Going in a group is safer because the kids will be easier to notice on the street, and pranksters will be less likely to pick on you.

Stay safe and have a spooktacular Halloween!

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