The first few weeks in a new home can feel rather foreign. Though you’re excited about the new house, and you might have even unpacked all of your belongings, the early days in a new location can be difficult.

This is normal. It’s a natural processes of moving into a new location. Within a few weeks, memories will start being built, and you’ll begin to feel as though your new property is a home.

But until the property has had enough time to settle, there are few tricks you can use to make your new house feel like home.

1. Recreate Common Sights and Sounds

Do you have a cuckoo clock that has been in the family for generations? Maybe you place chimes outside? Is there a grandfather clock that your family always places in the living room?

Set these items up as soon as you unpack. The noises from homes past will give the house a familiar feel.


2. Hang Familiar Paintings and Memorabilia

Similar to the trick regarding sounds, hanging familiar paintings, memorabilia, or decorations will make the home easier to recognize.

Doing so will bring the feelings of familiarity and of nostalgia. For those who enjoy purchasing new items for the home, this step is a good moment to go shopping for decorations.

3. Keep the Same Routine

Though you’re in a new home, maintaining a similar routine will make you feel like not much has changed.

This will provide an anchor to have something stable during change. This could be as simple as waking up to make common meals, or going on your usual run.

Routines should not change just because locations do.

4. Use Your Favorite Relaxation Tools

Do certain musicians or television shows help you relax? Are you a fan of candles or teas?

Indulge in these familiar comforts as a means for relaxation. Slowly your brain will recognize these items that were used in your old home, with your new home.

5. Start Cooking Homemade Meals

Instead of ordering out the first few days you’re in a new home, get the kitchen prepared and begin cooking homemade meals.

This will create memories of the first few days in the home, and a homemade meal is always much more nourishing for the soul than takeout.


6. Have Friends and Family Over

One of the reasons a new home feels so foreign is because there are no memories. How could somewhere brand new feel like “home,” a place where you have lived and been comforted for quite some time?

The best way to make strides to make a house feel like home is to create memories. Do this by inviting friends and family for dinner, for games in the backyard, or other activities.

Have loved ones over to give the home some memories.

7. Purchase Some Plants

Plants improve quality in the home, they look gorgeous, and they make a house feel like a more comfortable space.

These plants will reduce stress, boost your mood, and even add some much needed scents to a new house that probably doesn’t smell like much.

Having some plants will also provide an activity to participate in through watering and watching the plants grow if you bought them young.

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