Protect America is best known for its affordable home security but did you know we offer home automation as well? With our interactive service called SMART Connect, you can control your alarm system from anywhere in the world.

Interactive Home Security

With SMART Connect you have the option to arm, disarm, and watch live camera feed from your phone. You can even control lights and literally lock your front door.

The convenience and safety of being able to control your home security from your couch or from anywhere in the world is comparable to anything. Keep a closer eye on your home and make sure everything is secure while you’re gone. You can also keep a closer eye on your family to ensure they are okay or make it on time to your home.

If you have kids or elderly people this is a great feature to have. Provide peace of mind to the whole family.

Get SMART Connect

While many other security companies charge for the extra features of interactive control, we provide our SMART Connect with our Broadband and Cellular security systems. Arm/disarm your system, watch your live video cameras, control your lights and home appliances, receive event notifications, and much more! Home security has never been more convenient, and cool, than Protect America SMART Connect.