The home is a treasure trove of valuable goods and personal items. This is perfect for a burglar. These criminals break into homes to obtain items for themselves, objects they can resell in pawn shops or on the streets, or they get lucky and get cash.

Homeowners often place themselves in precarious situations because they place their belongings in obvious places, neglect purchasing safes and other lock mechanisms, they don’t know what burglars are actually looking for, or homeowners fail to ever install home security equipment.

Don’t be left hoping that a break-in won’t happen to you. You must take a proactive approach and be aware of what burglars are looking for.


The Wanted Property


This is first on a burglar’s priority list. Other items burglars find will have to be sold to cash out, but cash comes just as it is, and it saves burglars from trying out an ATM machine. 

Cash is lightweight, easy to transport, and untraceable. The safest place for cash is in your bank account. Never leave it laying out and about or in obvious places like drawers and cabinets.

Purses and Wallets

If cash is the number one option, what’s second best? Purses and wallets.

These items are often left near a door, and if a burglar takes a purse or wallet, they’ll likely find their number one choice of cash inside. They are also likely to find debit and credit cards, gift cards, and information about your identity, which we’ll get to further below. 


Jewelry is a commonly stolen item because it leads to a big payday for thieves. Jewelry is often antique or of high-value.

Silver, gold, and and stones will always be in demand. And even better for crooks, jewelry is often left out in the open in easy to reach places inside of closets, dressers, or bathroom counters. 

Firearms and Other Weapons

Thieves love guns. These items are easy to sell on the street or in pawn shops.

Guns and other weapons are always high-demand and have a high-value. If you have firearms, always store them in a safe room for protection so they can’t be stolen from you, or worse, used against you during a robbery.


Burglars are looking for anything of value and anything that can be sold easily. A quick target for them is gaming consoles, video games, televisions, iPads, iPods, laptops, and any other sort of everyday entertainment that they know they can flip for a high-value.

The best way to prevent this is to engrave serial numbers on all of your electronics, and even place them in difficult to reach places in the home. Carrying a television out of a home is not an easy task, so placing it on a second floor or in a basement may stall a burglar.


Prescription Drugs

The cost of prescription drugs continues to rise in the country, and these medications are easily sold on the black market.

Thieves target painkillers, narcotics, and they will even go after antibiotics or other medications. Any type of prescription will make a burglar happy.

Your Identity

The hardest thing to obtain once it’s stolen is your identity. Thieves can take your identity by obtaining credit and debit cards, social security cards, birth certificates, checks, tax returns, marriage certificates, and other important documents that most homeowners leave all in one central location.

These documents can be kept together, but keep them in safe, deposit box, or other locked and sealed area in the home or personal storage location. 

Additional Valuable Items

Other valuable items a burglar may target, include: household goods and tools, appliances, liquor, vehicles and vehicle parts, paintings, and anything a burglar assumes has value.

Burglars don’t have a lot of time once they enter the home, and they aren’t the pickiest when it comes to items. They will be willing to take whatever is in their vicinity, and items they assume have value.

The surest way to deter and avoid a burglary is with home security equipment, and storing your belongings in locked and hard to enter places.