Do-it-yourself home automation refers to services that automate typical household activities and are installed by users themselves. DIY home automation services and equipment generally cost less than hardwired alternatives installed by professionals.

Do-It-Yourself Home Automation

Customers interested in DIY home automation can obtain the necessary equipment and service from a home security company, like Protect America. Home automation service often includes a range of services, such as home security and lighting control. A quality, affordable DIY home automation setup will operate in conjunction with a wireless alarm system.

Most home automation services available from cable companies or other telecommunications providers require a monthly fee. Home automation through a security company will only involve equipment costs. Customers that select automation services from a company like Protect America, do not have to pay a monthly fee and they still receive many of the same features.

DIY Home Automation Reviews

Anyone desiring home automation services need to do proper research before making a decision. Some automation providers offer a range of services that need to be installed by a professional, like thermostat control and DVR capability. Most of these types of services are offered by large, multi-national cable companies, such as Comcast or Time Warner.

Automation functions provided by home security companies can often be installed by the customer on their own. This option is ultimately more affordable as it omits installation and activation fees. Automation service from a home security company also avoids an additional monthly bill.

DIY Home Automation Products

The most widely available DIY home automation products are going to follow the X10 standard. The X10 standard has been implemented since the late 1970s and has gained a substantial following among engineers and product designers. Products on the X10 standard are capable of communicating wirelessly and over power lines. Many X10 products work with home security systems to provide comprehensive automation. Interested customers can obtain a home security system and X10 home automation products from Protect America.

Protect America offers a variety of X10 DIY home automation products, like the Lamp Module. Simply plug the X10 Lamp Module into an electrical outlet and plug the lamp into the module. Your light can now be set to any number of schemes that help you save energy while improving your security.