Closets are commonly the most neglected area of our homes when it comes to organizing and decluttering, especially for how much we use it. It becomes a kind of acceptable storage space. There’s supposed to be stuff there. It’s supposed to be packed. But the reality is that it’s cluttered. It’s messy, and you aren’t using most of the stuff in there because it’s disorganized or hidden. With a clean and clutter-free closet, you actually get more use out of your clothes, accessories, and things.

Don’t Wait for the New Year

That’s 364 days of potential new beginnings that you’re discounting. Every day is as important as the next, and New Year’s Day is not the only day that comes around once a year.

Start now, start today, just start.

The Clothes Hanger Trick

Turn all of your clothes hangers backwards. Whenever you wear something, put it back on the hanger the other direction. The clothes you never use will remain facing away from you. This is an easy way to mark and recognize the clothes you never wear. In a year, take the clothes you never wear and donate them. This makes it easier to sort through the clothes that you actually wear, and it also makes room for new clothes when you buy them.

Sort the Rest

Depending on how big your closet(s) are, this may need to be done in sections. Take all the stuff out of the closet. Sort everything into three piles: keep, trash, or donate. Be decisive! Have a friend or family member look over your shoulder while you’re sorting if you tend to have a hard time making decisions about sentimental items. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it for 6-12 months, then don’t keep it.

The Clear Floor Challenge

Can you keep your floors clear? It makes it much easier to clean, and your space will look much less cluttered. Keep them as clear as possible, and continue to dedicate just 15 minutes a week to keeping things tidy and off the floor.

Buy One, Toss One

To keep up your now clutter-free closet, internalize this simple rule. Every time you buy something to add to your closet, you have to get rid of something, too. This forces you to think about your clothes and belongings on a more regular basis (more than just once a year), and it keeps the balance of your closet at a happy equilibrium.

Good luck!