Your garage is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home by far. If you have an attached garage it can afford undisturbed access to your home where thieves can load up and take off without anyone noticing. If it is a detached garage they can take your items without your immediately knowing because of how far away the garage is from the house. Either way, it is important to secure your garage no matter what.


What is A Garage Door Sensor?

For those that are considering putting a garage door sensor on their garage you should first know a bit about them and what they are. This type of sensor can be placed on sliding garage doors or it can be placed on the smaller door that is often located at the side of your garage. These sensors are often linked directly to your main security system and will alert you when either door is opened. Much like a window or door sensor on your home, your garage door sensors consist of two pieces. The first is going to be your main portion of the alarm that fixes to the door it self. This is going to be the main transmitter that reports back to your security panel. Then you have a smaller piece that when it loses contact with the larger piece, sets off the alarm.

Do You Need A Garage Door Alarm?

For those that do have a garage that has valuable items inside it, a garage door alarm is not a bad idea. These alarms work well with most security systems and the large majority of security companies like Protect America do have door sensors that can be added to your garage. If you are working to secure your home and want to make sure that all aspects of your home are safe, a garage door sensor is a good idea. In most cases, you can get a deal when you have sensors installed in multiple areas of your home rather than just the main home. This is helpful as it does cut the cost and allow you to have all the sensors you need.

“Properly securing your garage is an important aspect of good home security. It won’t only protect your valuables from theft, but will prevent unauthorized access to your home.”

Pros of Garage Door Alarms

  • Keeps people out
  • Protects your car and valuables
  • Not much extra cost
  • In most cases a garage door alarm is not going to add a huge cost to your security system and it is also not going to add a ton to your installation fees. Also, it will help keep your car and other valuables safe when you are both at home and away. On top of that, it will also help keep people from gaining access to your home through the garage, a common access point where thieves can remove items without the prying eyes of neighbors seeing them. It is important that if you want to add garage door sensors you talk with your security company about how to best install them, get them positioned properly, and what sensors are going to work best for your particular garage and needs.


    It is always best to leave installation up to professionals so that you can be sure you have your sensors in the correct place, that they are working as they should be, and that you are getting the most out of your garage door sensors and other sensors on your home.

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