When someone has a home situated near an ocean, it is likely during warmer times of the year, visitors will be in the area. Along with visitors, comes the increased risk of a home robbery. These people may be passing through the area, looking for a target during their excursion. Many people have summer homes that are not occupied every week of the year. These are at an even increased risk for theft. Here are some tips to consider in keeping an ocean property safe from theft.

  • Think About The Outside
  • Hide Belongings
  • Use Lighting
  • Do Landscaping
  • Be Unpredictable
  • Get Monitoring


Consider The Home’s Exterior

It is best to keep the home’s exterior from showing off any sign of wealth. Sticking with minimal decorations and keeping the exterior neat and trim will make it appear cared for, yet homey rather than exuding the appearance of anything expensive.

“These days, it’s better to look poor and be safe, than look rich and be a victim.”
― Anthony Liccione

Keep Vehicles Out Of Sight

If there is a garage on the property, use it. If not, consider investing in a carport to help in obscuring vehicles from view. A car cover can also be utilized to keep vehicles under wraps. The same goes for sea vessels. Keeping expensive items out of sight is a must.

Use Lighting To Thwart Theft

A timed lighting system will help to keep robberies from occurring. If thieves suspect someone is inside of a home, they will be less apt to try to break inside as there is an increased risk in getting caught. It is a wise idea to change the scheduling of the lighting times and the locations of lights used to keep thieves from guessing a system is being used at all. Using motion detection lighting can also be beneficial.

Keep Landscaping Maintained

If shrubs or trees grow without routine trimming, they can be used as hiding spots for thieves, especially during nighttime hours. It is best to call a landscaping service to keep on top of the trimming of foliage on a routine basis. This will also make the home appear desirable to those in the neighborhood. Limbs should also be cut back from above the rooftop so they cannot be used as a bridge to the top of the home.


Keep Thieves Guessing About Schedules

Some thieves will watch a home over the course of several days or weeks to determine a schedule of those who live inside. Instead of being predictable, it is best to switch actions regularly. Coming home at an expected time, changing the vehicles that use the driveway, and waving at the home when leaving are all great tactics.

Consider Home Monitoring

Installing a home monitoring system will give homeowners the peace of mind they deserve when they live in an area where travelers are sure to be present. A home monitoring system will alert authorities if there is a break-in, helping to protect personal belongings to the fullest.

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