Moving can be a stressful event. It’s important to recreate the feeling of home in the first days of settling in. Here are a few tips on how to make a new house feel like home!


First, fill your closet with clothes.

There’s nothing more annoying than searching through boxes and boxes of clothes to find your favorite sweater on Monday morning. Let your clothes be the first thing you unpack so you don’t have to worry about it again. Having an accessible wardrobe is such a big convenience, especially for rushed mornings. Prevent this added stress by unpacking your closet first.

Prioritize your kids.

Moving is often tough for children. They might feel scared of the change, sad to leave their friends and familiar environments, and uncomfortable in this new house. Mark their boxes of things so that you can quickly identify them and put them in their rooms. Having familiar belongings and favorite toys will comfort them. Let them spend the afternoon unpacking their favorite collections. They’ll feel happier in no time.

Reestablish your routine.

Just because it’s a different house doesn’t mean that you need a different routine. Find ways to implement your familiar routine in this new house. Do you have a bowl for your keys? An old coat rack? A magazine holder for the living room? Find these a new home so you have a familiar place to continue your habits.


Fill the air with nice scents.

Especially if you’ve been painting walls, your new house may have some unpleasant or peculiar smells. Take out some of your favorite candles and light them around the house. Smell is such a strong sense, and smelling familiar and delightful scents can really help you relax and fall into place in this new home.

Also, try to avoid ordering pizza your first night in the home. Grab a simple recipe and a few easy ingredients from the store. Unpack some kitchen necessities and make your family an easy meal. The smell of food and the feeling of eating together will really bring the household together, helping to break in the feeling of a new home.

Get to know your neighbors.

Houses don’t exist in isolation! Get to know your neighbors while you’re moving in, so that you can start to get a feel for the community!


The most important things is to just relax and give it time. You’ll break in the house, unpack your things, and make this your new home soon enough. Take it easy and try not to rush everything. Enjoy the process, and remember to breathe.