As the winter weather is winding down, the first hints of spring are showing up. With sunshine and spring showers around the corner, it’s time to prepare your house for the spring time weather!

The biggest transition that your home needs to get ready for is getting in gear for warmer weather and heavy rains. Freezes and heavy snow often cause problems that we don’t discover until the spring.

Springtime Preparation Checklist

  • Check and clean your gutters. Heavy snow or freezes may have caused damage to them, impairing their ability to drain rain water properly. Make sure that your gutters are all in order before the rains set in.
  • Back away from your house a bit while you’re on the ground to do a quick inspection of your roof. If there are any shingles missing or damaged from the winter storms, you will want to get those replaced.
  • If you can see exterior damage on the chimney, it’s a good idea to call a chimney sweep right away.
  • Remove any remaining firewood that is stored near your house.
  • Get your air conditioning system serviced before the heat waves start rolling in.
  • Oil, sharpen, and tune up your lawnkeeping equipment before using them.
  • Inspect your garden hose to see if the freeze has cracked it anywhere. Try running the water through it to inspect for leaks (as well as to make sure the pipes haven’t cracked, and the pressure is normal).
  • Replace your doormat. It’s been through a lot this winter.
  • Put away your heavy winter clothes. Keep a couple of jackets around (you never know when the weather will randomly dip down again), but it’s pretty safe to put most of your winter clothes away to make room for your spring wardrobe.
  • The bugs will be coming back! Keep them out of your food by making sure that all of your dry foods are stored in airtight containers.
  • Clean out and inspect your grill in preparation for memorial day grilling.


Taking the extra time and energy to check everything around your house now will allow you to have a worry-free season this spring!