Spring cleaning season is in full swing. With all the organization and decluttering, your home is on its way to feeling refreshed and clean! But with all the junk you’re ready to get out of your home, it’s important to stay environmentally conscious even in our purging of unwanted belongings. Here are some green tips for reusing and recycling as you’re collecting clutter to put out of your home.

Newspapers and Cardboard

If you have a compost pile, cut up old newspapers and cardboard into small pieces and throw them in the compost bin. If you don’t compost, put them into the recycling bin.

Clothing, Toys, and Household Goods

All of these things can be donated to your local goodwill, charities, or women’s shelters! Check their websites to see if they are currently in need of anything specific; this can help you make smart decisions on where to take what items. If you can’t find anything, go ahead and just drop them off as soon as possible to get them out of your house! Many charities will even come to your door to pick up your donations.

Electronics and Used Batteries

Technology gets outdated so quickly these days. Many households have a bunch of unused, broken, or simply outdated electronics that they no longer use. Throwing them away in the trash can have dangerous consequences, since the chemicals used to create circuit boards are toxic; batteries also contain dangerous chemicals. It’s better to have them safely recycled or disposed. Most large electronics stores have recycling and electronics disposal programs. Call around to see if you can find a local store near you that will take your old electronics. If not, try some local recycling centers.


More fuel for the compost bin! Put old vegetables, fruit, egg shells, and coffee grounds in your compost pile after cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry.


There are so many places to take books! Try your local used book store to see if they’ll give you any cash to take them off your hands. Take the books they reject to a local school or library for donation.