In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, The Security Blanket would like to take this time to recognize the importance of luck. Everyone has luck, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not. But for these homeowners, luck is a tender lover that won’t leave their bed. Whether they survived a brush with death or found a fortune, these homeowners must have a leprechaun held prisoner in their basements. Luck might greet everyone but it clearly likes some people better than others…


Homeowners Face Foreclosure, Seize Banks’ Assets

This is probably the only time you’ll ever hear someone dealing with foreclosure as lucky. Foreclosure is a lengthy process that involves paperwork, stress, and a lot of uncertainty. For one Florida couple, the process was incredibly more frustrating because they didn’t have a mortgage. That’s right, Bank of America initiated foreclosure proceedings against their Naples home despite the fact they had no legal right to do so. The couple paid $165,000 in cash for the home in 2009 and considered the matter a closed deal, which it was.

In 2010, the couple hired a lawyer to defend against Bank of America’s claim and, eventually, they dropped the case. However, a judge also ruled that Bank of America needed to pay the couple for their attorney’s fees. When the bank refused to pay the judgment, despite repeated attempts to collect, their lawyer foreclosed on a branch located in the county. Escorted by sheriff’s deputies, and a bevy of TV cameras, the lawyer started removing office furniture, computers, and other items. The best part? All this bad publicity came from a total of bill of $2,534. Considering the horror stories some families have faced during the recession, this couple was lucky and the rest of us get a good laugh.

One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure

Do you check what’s in your trash before throwing it away? Most people just assume it contains one thing: trash. But you never know, you might just be throwing out a gold mine.

A real estate investor had purchased a house in Bellport, New York in order to renovate the property. For $300,000, Thomas Schultz and his business partner figured they got a good deal. When they started going through the house, they realized there was more of a mess than they first realized. This included an entire garage filled with paintings and drawings. Schultz’s business partner suggested they throw the material out but Schultz felt differently. He thought some of the paintings were nice. He just never thought they’d be worth $30 million.

As it turns out, the paintings were basically the lost estate of abstract impressionist painter Arthur Pinajian. The art community was stunned by the find and the eventual sale of the work took more than two years to organize. In the end, Schultz and his business partner walked away with millions. And the house? Believe it or not, they even sold that for a profit too.


Every Dog Has Its Day

Everyone thinks their dog is special. But has your dog ever saved your life? Stories of dogs saving their owners are pretty common. The most common scenario involves a sleeping owner and an accidental fire. Many courageous pups have averted disaster by barking, scratching, and licking their owners awake. But even those great deeds pale in comparison to a few truly heroic dogs, like those that saved their owners from physical violence.

One of the more impressive, and strange, stories involves a Florida burglar named Laird Butler. After breaking into a Marion County home, Butler ran into the family dog, a boxer named Duke. The dog frightened Butler so much, he actually ran away… and into a window. Unfortunately, the burglar later died from his wounds but the dog and his family were unharmed. Toxicology reports later found that Butler was under the influence of powerful drugs during the robbery. While tripping on drugs and committing felonies, it’s understandable to freak out. We’re going to consider this one lucky because a dog is rarely involved in the death of an intruder without being put down.