You’ve finally committed to installing a home security system. After a few quick Google searches you’ve been left with nothing but static noise. You’re inundated with loads of content suggesting one company over another, and you also have the option of DIY security.

Where do you even start? And how do you know which company is best for your family and home?

Here’s six questions to make sure are answered during your home security consultation.

  1. What are your needs?

The security company you choose will depend on the particular needs for you and your family.

You’ll need to start by clarifying what exactly it is you’re looking for.

How big is your home? How many cameras will you need? What’s your budget? Et cetera.

Once you know your needs, you’ll have a better grasp of what to look for when you’re shopping. Express your needs to the companies you speak with and see what they suggest for you.

  1. Is the company reputable?

When you’re purchasing any product, reputation means value — especially when you’re entrusting a company to protect your home.

How long has the company been around? Are customers happy with them? How’s the customer service? How do they make you feel during the purchasing process?

Don’t dismiss the feeling the brand gives you throughout the selection process. Your intuition will be a great indicator of whether or not it’s a viable purchase.

And if the brand doesn’t have a solid reputation in the industry? Avoid them.

  1. How much will it cost?

Most companies offer different packages that will vary in price. Additional equipment, like cameras, motion detectors, and window sensors will add costs.

Some companies offer no upfront costs or free equipment in exchange for extending those charges during your life cycle as a customer, or as a way of asking for longer contracts. Make sure the price, contract, and additional equipment fit the needs you specified earlier. 

  1. How’s the response time?

If there’s an emergency or an event, how long is it going to take for the company to respond and notify authorities?

Ask what the company’s track record is, their estimated response times, and real-life examples of situations they’ve been able to divert thanks to their product.

  1. Are they progressing with modern tech?

Thanks to modern technology and the IoT (Internet of Things), the world of home security has become more advanced in recent years.

You’re now able to monitor your property through smartphone apps, text message alerts, touch screen control centers, et cetera.

Does the company you’re choosing offer these high-tech options? And are they conscious of advancing with technological capabilities available?

Make sure the brand you choose is excited about progress and eager to install new tools as soon as they can.

Customer experience has to be a priority,

  1. How is the overall product?

When you take into account the overall product — the physical product, app, online experience, and others — how good is it?

Does the company offer warranties or advanced safety features? Are there issues with costly false alarms? Does the product malfunction frequently?

Look at multiple companies before you make a decision, so you can have a feel for which one is right for you. 

Don’t rush into a decision when it comes to protecting your home and family. All reputable brands will be understanding of your needs and meet you where you are.