There are many times where it may be necessary to have various pass codes on a home security system for different users. It might be a babysitter who needs to arm and disarm the system, a neighbor who’s stopping by to feed the dog, or maybe an elderly loved one who needs some basic access to the system. Regardless of the situation, having numerous pass codes to a home security system is extremely beneficial, and oftentimes necessary.

How does the process of creating additional user codes happen? Can it be done? And what exactly is a “master code” anyways? We’ve got you covered:


Master Codes Explained

The master code is the main password that operates a home security system. It can be used to arm or disarm a system, add user codes, and it can also be used to change basic settings in the system programming.

A system can have up to five user codes in addition to a master code, and these codes can be set to only be allowed to arm and disarm a system. This is ideal for additional family members, caretakers, cleaning staff, and others. This will also provide a relief, because the homeowners won’t have to worry about additional parties having too much access or control over a home security system.

How is the Master Code Changed?

Let’s start with the first, and common question, how do you go about the process of changing your master code? No worries, it’s fairly simple.

You’ll start by opening the system cover. After it is opened, you’ll use the red numbered keys to type in your current four digit master code. After your code is typed in, the system will say, “please select from the start menu.”

Next, you’ll press the add button, and the panel will say, “select from the main menu.”

Press the access code once more and the panel will say, “master code, press again for next access code or done to select.”

Press the done button. The panel will ask you to “use numbered keys to enter the master code,” and you will now be able to enter the new master code. The panel will then repeat the new master code back to you. Once you’ve completed all of these steps to change the master code, you can close the cover.


How are New Codes Added to the Master Code?

So, now you can complete the next step of creating additional master codes that you can use to provide for other users of the system. The system will be able to hold up to five codes on top of the master code, for a total of five codes.

Start by opening the cover and using the red numbered keys. Enter your brand new 4-digit master code. The panel will say, “please select from the start menu.”

The next step, you’ll need to press the add button, and the system will tell you to “please select from the main menu.”

Press the Access Code and the panel will say, “master Code, press again for next access code or done to select.”

Press the Access Code again. The panel will say, “Access Code 1 press again for next access code or Done to select.”

Press Done. The panel will say, “Use number keys to enter access code 1.”

Enter access code. Now the panel will repeat the access code. Follow by closing the cover when completed. 

Note: If you want to make the rest of your access codes, you’ll simply need to repeat steps 1 through 5. At step 3, continue the pressing “Access Code” button until you hear the next available location, i.e. access code 2.

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