Cameras are one of the best ways to identify and catch burglars—especially with 52% of all residential burglaries taking place during the day when nobody’s home.

Video surveillance cameras have quite the buzz surrounding them lately. However, so many people offer them. Some come monitored and some are self-monitored. What do you get with the monitored cameras and do you really need the monitoring? First, let’s look at one of the “big-name” security companies out there and what they have to offer:

ADT Home Security Cameras: How Do They Work?

ADT offers a variety of home security cameras to protect your home, but how exactly do they work? Do they require monitoring? Is there an additional cost to my home security system if I have a security camera?

Wireless Day/Night Camera:

  • Requires use of the ADT Pulse wireless network using the Camera Assistant: With the ADT pulse wireless network system, you are required to use only ADT cameras. You cannot install your own off-market video camera and have it be compatible with the system.
  • Captures images in low-light or no-light environments: Currently only the outdoor cameras can detect in no-light situations. The indoor bookshelf cameras by ADT cannot
  • Video motion detecting available: The system does not record audio
  • Ability to view your video in H.264, MPEG-4 or MJPEG formats
  • Comes with Wi-Fi protected access
  • Held in place by a wall mount

Products from

    In addition to the wireless day/night cameras, ADT also offers a drone video camera. The benefits include:

    • Able to be mounted just about anywhere
    • 360 viewing access
    • Crisp, clear output provides good pictures even in low light situations utilizing 720p HD quality video
    • Ability to watch live video on your mobile device
    • Ability to shift between different views
    • Ability to control your system remotely
    • Receive alerts when motion has been detected at your home (available with the ADT Pulse App and monitoring)
    • Weatherproof design

    If you choose a video surveillance product with ADT, you must subscribe to the video monitoring package for an additional cost. While ADT video offers multiple benefits, but what if you want a system that you can hear what’s going on and even talk back? Then check out what Protect America has to offer.

    Protect America Features and Benefits of Video Security:

    • High-quality HD video output: Offers a clear, sharp picture day or night: 720p HD video feed capturing 25-frames per second
    • Live feed and cloud storage: Ability to check in from anywhere at any time of day or night (offers live and secure streaming)
    • Two-way audio: see and hear and even talk back (includes built-in mic and speaker)
    • Easy to install: set-up is complete within minutes. Just take it out of the box, plug it in, download the app and you’re ready to get started
    • Small design: Designed small on purpose to be sleek and discreet
    • Provides event notifications pushed straight to your mobile device to keep you up to date on activity at your home


    You might be wondering, Can’t I just buy a video surveillance camera and monitor it myself? Can’t I save money this way?

    Below Are 5 reasons You Should Consider a Monitored Video Surveillance Camera:

    1. You may be busy and miss a notification that indicates activity at your home
    2. You may have a dead battery in your device and not able to receive notifications
    3. Authorities are not automatically dispatched by anyone to your home. It is up to you to take the next course of action to protect your home.
    4. You can get substantial monthly savings on your insurance if you have a monitored system. Oftentimes this helps offset the monthly monitoring fee.
    5. You can reduce the # of false alarms by allowing the monitoring service to take steps to determine if the alarm is indeed false

    Regardless of the specific product or company you choose, what is important to look for in a video surveillance camera?


    The Following Characteristics Should Be Reviewed and Considered:

    • Motion detection
    • Field of view
    • Sound
    • Wi-Fi capability
    • Night vision
    • Movement
    • Cost
    • Resolution

    Ready to protect your family? Give the professionals at Protect America a call now for your free quote! With over 25 years of experience, you can be sure that Protect America has your best interest in mind!