The desire to protect a piece of property is innate and it dates back to as long as humans have understood the idea of ownership. Nowadays, that concept is taken to another level thanks to the advent of high-priced and effective home security and commercial property security systems. While there are countless home security options available, a few names consistently bubble up to the top of the discussion. Among those names is ADT Home Security. ADT Home Security has long been one of the most popular home security retailers in the industry but does that mean they are the right choice for the average consumer? Today’s discussion will be focused on ADT’s home security system, its corresponding cost, and everything that goes into employing it at home.

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    ADT Home Security – A Summary of Costs.

    ADT Home Security is probably the most common security system in the United States today and there is a good reason for that. ADT got into the business when home security was still a burgeoning business and as such the company laid an early claim to the market. Does that mean that ADT is the only home security system that potential consumers need to know about? No, it does not. More importantly, it is important to understand that ADT Home Security isn’t as affordable as the name on the box would imply. Let’s take a close look at the various expenses that are involved with an ADT Home Security System.

    ADT Security Services was created all the way back in 1974 and since then the company has grown in order to supply a variety of home security solutions.

    ADT Home Security taps into the ‘boxed security system’ aspect that many consumers seem to be so taken in by. When it comes to ADT Home Security, their ‘one size fits all’ approach has led to incredible sales. With that being said, what are customers really getting when they order an ADT Home Security System and what is it costing them? Let’s break down the expenses found in an ADT system below.

    • Equipment – The heart and soul of an ADT Security System is going to be derived from the equipment that a customer orders. These systems come in a wide variety of different styles, ranging from a basic monitored system to an incredibly elaborate system. Expenses can be as cheap as $99 or as much as several hundred dollars.
    • Subscription Fees – Monitored home security is always going to be slightly more expensive than a closed system. ADT offers monitored home security which includes a monthly subscription fee for all monitored services. This can cost as little as an additional $10 per month to an eye-popping $50 per month.
    • Installation Fees  – ADT Home Security Systems are elaborate and as such they need to be installed by professionals. Professional installation fees are going to be exorbitant so be prepared to pay for them.

    Improving On ADT Home Security – Surveying Options.

    After analyzing the different expenses involved with purchasing an ADT Home Security System it can be easy to start to get cold feet. Should customers forego buying such expensive systems and instead leave their home unprotected? This isn’t an ideal decision as home security is becoming more and more important in today’s day and age. So, what does this mean?

    Well, thanks to the widespread availability of home security systems, competitors are popping up all over the marketplace. Among those competitors is Protect America. Protect America offers a wide array of different home security solutions which can include full HD cameras, motion detectors and even home automation hubs. Protect America offers free consultations and online quotes so as to make life easy for homeowners looking to take care of their own property.


    Looking For The Right Home Security Solutions

    It is easy to talk about home security but it is far more difficult to actually employ the correct service for a home or commercial property. When deciding on a home security system, getting all of the right information is absolutely integral. To look at getting an affordable home security system that offers complete coverage, consider giving Protect America a call today.