Hearing the term “priceless” may create a  bit of eye-roll sometimes, since the phrase can seem like a cop-out for businesses that don’t want you to know their full costs.

Think of jewelry commercials where the automatic answer is “priceless memories!” instead of saying “it costs you thousands to buy your sweetie the biggest rock so you don’t look cheap.” Or  worse, hearing “if you need to ask, you can’t afford it.”

For home security, however, “priceless” is a good starting place, but more specific details help.

Customers of Protect America, for instance, are charged a fixed monthly rate for professional monitoring services plus state-of-the-art equipment. They are guided step-by-step through what areas of their home or business they want protected, and the knowledgeable customer service staff is eager to assist and share membership info, starting with the affordable “Copper” level.

ADT customers, on the other hand, may experience challenges figuring out what they owe, since there can be fees beyond the monthly costs. Plus, prices are known to go up, even in the middle of a contract.


What else you get

The priceless part comes in when you calculate everything that a strong security system offers beyond basic costs, such as:

  • Peace of mind. Although you probably will always worry about your home, you don’t have to worry as constantly.
  • The ability to monitor your own home. Better security companies make it easy for homeowners to watch their security cameras with a tablet or smartphone, and for cameras to keep rolling when you’re not home.
  • Other people are watching .Though some security companies ask homeowners to monitor their own home, ProtectAmerica provides a team of responsive round-the-clock specialists.
  • Insurance savings. You’ll likely get a discount on your homeowner policy for installing a security system.
  • Improved home value. Outdoor lighting, cameras and other security elements can all be assets when you’re trying to sell, or someone is considering buying.

Safer streets.

Beyond how a system can aid you and your family, it can actually do more.  A New York Times article about security systems concluded that its value isn’t just protecting you and your stuff.

…residential break-ins decreased as the density of alarms in an area increased. In other words, the more people paying that monthly monitoring fee on your street, the more likely a burglar is not going to take a chance that a police officer is right around the corner.

Essentially, security systems have the potential to create stronger neighborhoods. But you, and perhaps your neighbors, still have to find a plan that works for you in terms of cost and technology.

That’s where companies like Protect America like to help, and places like ADT can cause confusion with too many choices and confusing rates, especially if every neighbor pays different amounts.


Compare service

Two of the country’s largest monitored security companies are ADT and Protect America. ADT does promise an extensive menu of offerings and gadgets, and they often require professional installation. The price varies based on promotions, but most standard monthly prices currently range from $37 to $50.

Protect America looks for ways to be innovative and affordable, including getting the customer involved in the easy installation.

Homeowners interested in learning monitored home security can receive a free quote from Protect America.