2020 Update

While over a year old, all of the information in this article is still relevant. Turning off voice on your ADT security system can be very important; scroll down to find out how. 

Investing in a home security system such as ADT helps protect your family and property from potential burglars and thieves. Using ADT requires a bit of knowledge based on the system of your choice in order to fully put to use its most prominent features. For some customers, the voice system installed within their ADT systems is at times, overwhelming and unnecessary. Knowing how to turn off voice commands and chimes with your ADT system is a way to truly customize the way your home monitoring works at all times. It also keeps your home comfortable and free from pesky alerts you might not deem necessary.

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    Turning Off Voice and Chimes With Your ADT System

    • Turning off the voice system that comes with most standard ADT systems does not require extensive programming and can be completed in a short amount of time. While some ADT systems may have specific guides and varying factors that are involved in disabling voice and chime features, most can be tweaked in just a few minutes.
    • Step 1: First, it is important to locate the touchpad on your ADT security system. It is not possible to utilize your ADT keychain or remote touchpad when you are looking to turn off voice and chime functions.
    • Step 2: On the main touchpad of your ADT security system, lift the control panel cover, as it will then direct you to “Use numbered keys to enter security code”. This security code has already been selected and implemented if your ADT security system is currently active and properly running.
    • Step 3: Enter your personal security code. Once your security code has been successfully entered, the control panel will respond, “Please select from Start Menu”.
    • Step 4: Once your start menu appears, select “Delete” from the list of options you have available. Your control panel should follow with, “Select from Main Menu”.
    • Step 5: Viewing the main menu, select “Option Number”. The control panel will announce, “Option 1. Press again for the next option or done to select”. Press “Option Number” again to go to Option 2.
    • Step 6: Once the control panel says “Option 2”, select “Done”.  Voice command control is recognized by selecting Option 2. Once you select “Done”, you should hear the control panel reply, “Option 2 deleted”. You have successfully turned off the voice function from your ADT system.

    If you experience further trouble while trying to turn off your voice chimes, contact your ADT system provider for further guidance.

    Why Home Protection Matters

    Ensuring your home is always safe and watching out for you and your family even when you are not at home is essential today. Protecting your home is about more than simply keeping your property in place. It is also about protecting your family from burglars, thieves, and potentially dangerous intruders.

    A family of four is entering their home from the front door.

    Choosing the Right Home Security System for Your Home and Family

    Choosing a system that uses the best technology to date, offers reliability, and has proven to be trustworthy is necessary any time you are looking to invest in a home security system of your own. It is important to consider the following prior to making a decision for you and your family:

    • Determine the budget you have available to invest in the system of your choice. Also consider your ideal monthly payments
    • Gather information regarding the size of your home, the number of windows you would like to protect, and where you would like to place security cameras (if any)
    • Compare the type of security you want for your home, ranging from security cameras and motion detectors, to window and door sensors that you may want to install in specific rooms

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