Chances are, you store the most valuable possessions you own in your home. Therefore, you have a big incentive to protect your home from intruders who want to steal the furniture, jewelry, electronics, and even vehicles you’ve worked so hard to buy. Every year, burglaries cost American homeowners billions of dollars. If you’re trying to make your home less susceptible to burglaries, here is some information about whether home security signs are effective.


Underestimation of Burglars

When burglars notice a home security sign, they don’t always believe or assume that the home is actually protected by a security system. Burglars recognize that consumers move away and fail to remove these signs. Burglars are also aware that some consumers buy fake signs to place in their yard. In some cases, burglars are able to use these signs to their advantage if the home actually has the advertised system. If a burglar knows how to disable the particular system that your home is protected by, they may be more likely to target your home.

Are Fake Security Signs Effective?

As stated above, a common tactic that homeowners use is placing fake security signs in their front yards and backyards. A generic sign will tell a burglar that a home is protected by a security system. However, a generic sign will not depict the company name or brand of the security system. Using a generic sign can prevent burglars from being able to identify the security features of your home home’s system.

You should use a generic sign if your home truly does have a security system. That way, you will be able to alert burglars to the fact that you have a security system and you will be able to hide the manufacturer of the system. However, you shouldn’t use a generic sign if you don’t have a security system, because burglars are aware that many consumers employ this tactic and many will attempt to burglarize your home regardless.

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    What Are the Insurance Benefits of Home Security Signs?

    Some insurance companies will offer homeowners discounts on their insurance if they install a security system and display the sign associated with the company. Insurers realize that alarm systems are very valuable when it comes to preventing burglaries. Accordingly, insurance companies are willing to lower premiums for homes protected by alarm systems. However, insurance companies will not give you a discount on your premium if you install a sign without having the security system.


    Security Sign Visibility Is Important

    When it comes to the effectiveness of home security signs, you should keep in mind that visibility is incredibly important. Therefore, you should install the security signs in areas that are highly visible. You should attach the security system to a structure that already exists, such as your home’s front instead of installing the security sign in the ground. That way, you won’t have to worry about the rain or wind uprooting the sign when a storm occurs.

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