Brinks is one of the oldest names in the security business. The name goes back to the late 1800’s, where Brinks was perhaps most famous for its’ armored trucks that have been used for decades to transport large amounts of cash, gold, and other valuables. There have even been movies made about Brinks’ security. The world watched as the company restructured itself over the years. It branched into the home security field years ago and has since sold that operation. The merger and acquisition may have changed the face of the home security field, but did it make it better?

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    While that part of the company still flourishes, it also branched out into the home security field.  It had mixed success, and in 2009, it was announced that part of the company was spun off and re-branded as Broadview security. This was during a major downturn in the economy, but they remained financially stable for a short period of time.


    Who Exactly Bought Brinks?

    In 2010, it was announced that it would merge with and operate under the umbrella of ADT Security Services.  ADT is a household name considering they are one of the largest home security companies in the industry. When it merged with Tyco, the parent company of ADT, it had 1.3 million customers. As a result of this merger, ADT now had more than seven million customers.

    This leaves ADT and Protect America as the two largest home security companies in the United States.

    Even though both companies have the biggest national reach, they have different business models. The biggest difference is that Protect America offers products the homeowner may install on their own. ADT installs its security equipment.  If you are interested in having monitored home security, you may get a free quote from Protect America. As a result of this difference, there is no installation fee for Protect America home security systems.

    Protect America is direct to customer company that sends the equipment to the customer. The customer is then helped to install the equipment by phone. Most people can do this relatively easily. Here are some of the benefits of Protect America’s Home Security:

    • Live monitoring, 24 hours a day seven days a week
    • No installation fees
    • Price match guarantee
    • Locked-in rates


    A big part of home security is monitoring. Constant monitoring of your cameras is much more effective than having a system that only records what is happening. The advantage, of course, is in getting an immediate response if there is trouble at your home.

    ADT vs. Protect America

    While both ADT and Protect America can provide great home security, there are some key differences. As we said earlier, the biggest difference is the cost of getting started. ADT installation cost around $99. You can install Protect America products yourself and pay no fee. The cost of the monitoring itself is not that different, but Protect America prices are a little lower. Both companies offer their equipment at no charge. There are things you may add on to both, like extra monitors or sensors. Depending on your needs, there could be advantages of both.

    Broadband monitoring

    Much of Protect America’s monitoring is done via broadband, as opposed to a land line. This is more secure and less likely to have problems of any kind. Another advantage Protect America offers is a lifetime warranty on its free equipment.  You may also relocate your service easily with Protect America, which is great for renters in apartments. The same systems can also be used for a lot of small businesses.