After a burglary occurs, victims feel a number of emotions. Eventually, victims feel relief. They are grateful that the burglary is over and they’ve overcame the situation. But unless the victim has installed home security equipment, this sentiment can’t come too fast. Many burglars return to the scene of the crime to perform additional burglars.

This is counter to how many people think about a burglary incident. Why would a burglar return to the scene of the crime? This sort of thinking is exactly what lends itself to a home falling victim twice. Homeowners don’t see the second incident coming, because they assume a burglar wouldn’t do so. Here’s why that sort of thinking is incorrect:


They Found a Vulnerable Location

Returning to the scene of a burglary may take weeks or years, but it is not uncommon for a burglar to return to the home within a few days. If they found a location that was vulnerable once and they succeeded with their crimes, why not return?

Within the first few days of a break-in, it’s unlikely that victims have been proactive enough to set up an alarm system, giving burglars an open window to strike again. If you are the victim of a break-in, install home security immediately.

Note: There is a possibility that your home has been burglarized by burglars that are independent of each other. If one burglar saw the home as an opportunity for theft, it’s likely that other burglars will see the same opportunity. This happens when homes lack home security systems, are unkept, or are relatively hidden from activity.

They’re Coming Back for Items They Want

Burglars want to get in and get out. They don’t intend to spend much time in a home to complete their crimes. They’ll attack locations where they believe they can find valuable property as quickly as possible, then they will get out.

In their scramble, it’s possible that burglars spot items they want, but they don’t have time to grab them. The solution? Return for these items in a few weeks, once the homeowners have their guard down—and aren’t expecting another burglary—the burglar can strike. They can even peak at the home to see if home security equipment was installed.


Familiarity With a Home

Burglars don’t want to get caught. They hope to get away with the property they are looking for and flip it for funds, and to go on burglarizing other homes. The last thing a burglar wants is to spend time in jail, though burglaries are crimes of recidivism. This means those who commit the crime of burglary and serve jail time are highly likely to commit the same crime when they get out.

When a burglar is targeting a home, and they have the desire to get in and out as quickly as possible. What better than a home they are familiar with? If a successful break-in occurred at your home, then burglars have a general idea of your layout. They know where exits and entryways are, furthering the likelihood of a second successful crime.

How Can You Prevent This From Taking Place?

The best way to prevent a burglar from returning to the scene of a crime is preventing a burglar from a successful crime in the first place. This happens by equipping the home with a security system. Burglars are less-likely to attack a home that has home security equipment.

Other tricks to discourage burglary include signs that warn of animals, creating a local neighborhood watch, purchasing homes in neighborhoods that are less likely to be burglarized, and keeping the home well kept.

Quick Tips:

  • If you ever see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, report it immediately
  • Always opt for monitored security over unmonitored
  • Reach out to local law enforcement to build rapport and hear their advice
  • Work with neighbors to create a neighborhood watch