If you are brand-new to the world of home alarm systems, you might not have updated information on what’s available. For example, if you’ve recently purchased your first home, or are renting an apartment, your parents may have you believing that a home security system is an expensive, complicated ordeal that requires a team of installers, a lengthy contract and strangest of all — a landline.

But wait, who besides your parent (or grandparents) even has a landline? In today’s wireless world, there are fewer and fewer people with this feature. So does this mean you are out of luck? Does this mean your home can’t be protected? 

No, of course not. Okay, so how DO you get a home alarm system without a landline?


Home Security Keeps Up With The Times

Fortunately, the world of home security isn’t entirely in the dark ages. Today’s security companies know that if they don’t cater to people without land lines — someone else will.

This is why many security companies now offer cellular monitoring and wireless systems that don’t require a landline. Not only that, but they aren’t dependent on electricity in the event of an outage. This means that you can have a modern security system that transmits wirelessly and uses cellular service to contact you in the event of a break-in.

Also, many alarm companies offer smart home integration and remote control that allows you to arm and disarm remotely, and livestream video of your home, so you can visually monitor while you’re away. This brings home security firmly into this century, and gives you a wealth of home protection tools for a surprisingly low price.

It’s important to do your research when choosing an alarm company. Some older companies still don’t offer cellular monitoring, and others charge a premium price for it. Still other companies offer it as a standard feature on all security packages, at no extra cost. 


Home Security Is For Everyone

No matter whether you have a landline or not, are a homeowner or a renter, or even if you live in an apartment, you can enjoy the safety and peace of mind that comes from monitored home security. Even if you move frequently or don’t require consistent monitoring — there is a home alarm system for you. Do your research to find one that fits. If you are interested in monitored home security and would like to learn more. Contact Protect America today for a free quote.