Whether you just received your Protect America home security system and are in the midst of self-installing, faced a power outage, or daylight savings sneaked up on you — there may be a few instances where you need to change the date, time, or time zone.

Adjusting these settings on a Simon panel is simple, and there won’t be much hassle getting these settings fixed. Here’s how to get it done:

Adjusting the Day

Start the process by going to your panel and locating the keypad that rests in the middle, and the arrows that allow you to scroll up and down on the right of the device.

  1. Press the okay button and scroll down to the date, set screen and press okay again
  2. Enter your user code
  3. Press okay to select the year and enter the year using the keypad
  4. Press okay to change to month, and enter the month
  5. Press okay to enter the date, and enter the date
  6. If you press the status key twice you will return to the main menu

Adjusting this information is that simple. Whenever you enter the new numbers for year, month, and day, you will simply be using the numbers on the keypad to enter them. It’s a very simple process and shouldn’t take more than a few tries, but don’t be frustrated if you stumble a bit.

Adjusting the Time

Adjusting the time on your panel follows the same steps as adjusting the day.

  1. Start by pressing the okay button twice to select the set clock menu  
  2. Enter your user code
  3. Press okay to select the hour
  4. Enter the hour, press okay to change to minutes and hit enter
  5. Press okay and use the down arrow to set AM or PM
  6. Press the status key twice to return to the main menu

Adjusting the Time Zone

The panel clock is initially set up when the system is connected and registered with Protect America. At that point the specific time zone of a user will be set based on their location. It’s important to make sure your Protect America representative has correct time zone for you, because time zones are automatically defaulted to eastern time if they aren’t selected correctly. If a system is powered up before a customers account is created, then the time zone will be defaulted. Fortunately, this isn’t too much of an issue, because you’ll have the ability to manually change the time we showed above. We have also included a video at the end of this post to guide you in the step by step process. 

Protect America is here to make every process with your system as simple and easy as possible. Something as crucial as home security should never be a difficult process. And sometimes the most important things are the small details, like always having the right time or date on a system.

Our collection of Protect America manuals is the perfect resource for all of your system needs. You can view it here

For further support we can be reached online at our support page