You’ve stepped into the office and start pouring your first cup of coffee for the morning. You reach for the sugar and realize that it’s 8:55 a.m. “Perfect,” you think. This means that the family is out of the home and at 9 a.m. your home security system will arm, followed by indoor lights turning on to provide the illusion that you are still at the house.

This all happens thanks to “scenes,” Protect America event scheduling service that operates via IFTTT technology.

IFTTT is “if this, then that” technology, meaning, if A happens, B will follow. The items that work with scenes are cameras, the alarm system and sensors, and all of our Z-Wave products. Our door locks, lights and appliance modules, garage door openers operate using Z-Wave, a form of communication similar to Bluetooth.

Scenes are powerful tools that link together multiple parts of the customer’s alarm ecosystem. They can control the arming and disarming of an alarm system, the activation of Z-Wave devices, and recording cameras.

The devices mentioned above can trigger a scene, but they can also be set up using an “event schedule.”

Event schedules can be set to trigger a scene either once, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. For example, if a scene is created to arm the alarm system to “stay mode,” then that scene can be tied to a daily event schedule at 9 a.m., so the alarm system always arms at that time.

How to Get Started

Scenes can only be created on the Protect America interactive website. Start by logging on to using your customer account. Here you can manually activate your scenes.

Once logged in, under the “Home Control” section of the menu, select “Personalize Scene” followed by “Create Scene.”


After you’ve given the scene a name, a trigger or “action” has to be set. This is what activates the scene. In this example, we will select “disarm,” so when the alarm system is disarmed, the scene will activate.


Additional actions can be created to occur when the scene activates. In the example below, the outdoor camera will trigger a recording.


Click “add” and your scene is now setup to begin recording with the outdoor camera whenever the alarm system is disarmed.

An action must trigger a scene, but through the technology, any number of sequences are possible.

Example: If there is a fire alarm, then your lamps will turn on
Example: When a camera recording is triggered, the security system arms itself.
Example: Turn on lights if any alarm goes off. This will aid those who are hearing impaired.
Example: If you go on vacation, schedule lamps to turn on and off at certain times to give the illusion of being home.

Scenes are especially useful for those with hearing impairments. Scenes can be set to turn on lights for any alarms, so your loved ones will always be alerted of an alarm.

The more items you have, the more possibilities for automation scenes will provide. Scenes is the way to link everything together. Customers can fully customize not only their alarm system, but the entire home. This technology bridges the gaps in the home. It takes the cameras, alarm systems, and uses home automation to make everything one congruent system.

Scenes only works if you are connected via cellular or broadband. If you unplug your broadband, you will no longer be able to use scenes since the system must be online. Protect America landline customers will not be able to use the scenes technology.

We are one of the few security companies that provides this home automation scheduling technology, and we’re excited to make peace of mind that much simpler for our customers. If you need further assistance with scenes, contact our care experts at 1-800-951-5111 or online through our support page.